what products are made from recycled plastic wood

recycled plastic lumber products bedford technology

plastic lumber from bedford technology is made using high-quality recycled hdpe (high density polyethylene). our hdpe is sourced primarily from milk jugs, reducing solid waste at landfills. fun facts. each linear foot of a 2” x 6” plastic board contains 3.2 pounds of recycled material. every 12 foot 2” x 6” diverts roughly 【Get Price】

how green is recycled plastic lumber? fox news

jan 8, 2009 no comprehensive study has yet compared the life-cycle energy consumption of real versus plastic lumber, according to the madison, wis.-based forest products laboratory. there are two major "species" of recycled plastic hardwood. the most prevalent is made of high-density polyethylene — derived 【Get Price】

what plastics can become - recycle your plastics

when they are recycled plastic bags and wraps can made into plastic lumber that is used to make park benches, backyard decks and fences – even playground innovative recycling programs can take foam packaging and turn it into plastic products such as insulation, picture frames, building products for your home … and 【Get Price】

sustainable plastic wood alternatives made from recycled high

sustainable plastic wood alternatives made from recycled high-density polyethylene, like the material used by eps solutions, are the most environmentally preferred materials and offer the most benefits to the consumer.【Get Price】

recycled plastic decking synthetic & plastic wood boards

's eco-friendly composite decks are made from a blend of 95% recycled wood and plastic--a great choice for your home & the environment. by using reclaimed sawdust, we never have to cut down a tree to make our products. ever. is composite decking is made of 95% recycled plastic and wood materials.【Get Price】

recycled plastic lumber invented -- sciencedaily

jul 7, 2016 now imagine that material is made from milk containers, coffee cups and other plastics that we recycle. it's called structural plastic lumber, and the ingenious, nontoxic material was invented by thomas nosker, an assistant research professor in the department of materials science and engineering and 【Get Price】

frequently asked questions about our recycled plastic lumber

our proprietary formula enables us to offer a plastic lumber product that will last a lifetime yet outperform many of its competitors on the market today. we are one of only a few manufacturers who utilize mineral to enhance the properties of plastic lumber. what colors does bear board come in? currently our product is offered 【Get Price】

what products can be made from recycled plastic bottles

jun 13, 2019 plastic is endlessly useful--so much so that it's a huge waste of potential, resources and energy for it to languish in a landfill. without processing, you can turn plastic bottles into craft projects and useful home accessories. when you process it, you get a range of products as different as lumber and fabric.【Get Price】