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when i teach french fencing i strictly adhere to the tenets of the french school. furthermore, i follow the doctrine of that school in accord with the period of the weapon that i am teaching. i do the same with italian and spanish fencing. for example, french foil fencing of the late 19th century is not the same as late 17th century french small sword, classical italian foil is not at all the same as 17th century italian rapier. finally, the spanish school (la vedadera destreza) is totally different 【Get Price】

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many different weapons were used, including the sword alone, two handed sword/montante, sword and round shield, buckler, dagger, cloak, two swords, dagger alone, spear, half spear, stick, axe, and halberd. it was simply called esgrima (fencing/swordsmanship), until proponents of the "true" style began to refer to it variously as esgrima común (common fencing), esgrima vulgar (vulgar fencing), esgrima antigua (old fencing), destreza ordinaria (ordinary skill), destreza antigua (old 【Get Price】

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noun. (gen) valla f , cerca f. (= wire fence) alambrada f. (racing) valla f. idiom: to mend one's fences (= restore relations) mejorar las relaciones (= restore reputation) restablecer la reputación. idiom: to sit on the fence no comprometerse , mirar los toros desde la barrera. (informal, = receiver of stolen goods) perista mf. transitive verb. [land] vallar , cercar. ? fenced area zona f cercada or vallada. [machinery etc] cubrir , proteger. intransitive verb. (sport) practicar esgrima; (figurative) 【Get Price】

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fencing. la esgrima, la valla. dictionary. examples. fencing. noun. 1. (sport). a. la esgrima (f). his dream is to win a gold medal in olympic sue?o es ganar una medalla de oro en esgrima olímpica. 2. (barrier). a. la valla (f). the estate was enclosed by iron finca estaba cercada con una valla de hierro. b. la cerca (f). the wooden fencing kept the children from wandering too cerca de madera impedía que los ni?os se alejaran demasiado. c. el cerco (m).【Get Price】

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'fencing' found in these entries. in the english description: bracer button epee foil gauntlet kendo lunge parry quarte riposte touche wattle. spanish: esgrima maestro de armas. synonyms: foil work, swordplay, more collocations: a fencing [match, tournament, competition], a fencing [coach, teacher, instructor], [thrusted, jabbed, swished] her fencing foil, more forum discussions with the word(s) "fencing" in the title: alambrado wire fencing · deer fencing【Get Price】