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solid wood flooring is exactly what the name implies: a solid piece of wood from top to bottom. the thickness of solid wood flooring can vary, but generally ranges from 3/4” to 5/16”. solid wood can be used in any room that is above grade (above ground). one of the many benefits of solid wood flooring is that it can be sanded and refinished many times. solid wood floors are ideal in family/living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, and even kitchens and powder rooms. about the only 【Get Price】

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1 nov 2002 q. i'm getting new carpeting in the bedroom and i want to remove as many squeaks as possible beforehand from the floor on the second floor. as recommended, i'll use talcum powder first and then i'll put in 2 1/2 inch screws at an angle into joists found by pounding on the floor from above. should the screws be put into every board or every other board, or every third or fourth? don blanke, skokie. a. a wood floor is assembled with several layers joists and 【Get Price】

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26 oct 2016 are your floor boards squeaking and driving you crazy? tim mccool, technical advisor for the master's craft shows us a quick fix for a board to board squeak 【Get Price】

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9 jan 2019 irritating squeaks that originate between the joists are most likely caused by the wood floor rubbing against the underlying plywood subfloor. you'll need to stop that friction by driving short pour powdered soapstone, talcum powder, or powdered graphite between the boards. then place a cloth over the boards and walk on it you use the tripod and bit to drive the screw through the floor covering and subfloor into a joist. the screws are prescored 1 inch from the top.【Get Price】

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24 mar 2007 use spiral nails instead of traditional straight nails when installing or repairing flooring. the squeaking is when the boards start to age with use. i could guess that the nail hole widens and the boards are no longer held firmly. the shifting then allows the floor boards to squeak. spiral nails hold the flooring together firmly for a much longer time— unless you have wood rot or termites but then that's a whole other topic. on the other hand, this may be bad if you wanted 【Get Price】

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usually, the squeak develops when a wooden floor is very old or gets heavy traffic. often, you don't need often, you don't need to do any major floor renovation. you can follow the simple steps below to effectively treat and eliminate the noise with regular baby powder. step 1 – determine the location of the noise. as wood gets dry, it shrinks. this results in if the seams are too tight to permit the powder to go through, use a thin plastic card to force it into the point of entry. if it is not 【Get Price】

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25 jul 1999 when wood rubs against wood, it makes noise, gordon says. as layers of wood dry over time, the nail underneath loosens its grip and moves back and forth in the hole, making the squeaking sound. "it is best to get to the problem wood area from a space below the floor, like a crawl space, because structural things need to be done to tighten up the floor," he says. when wood rubs against an adjacent piece of wood, however, powder can be used as a short term fix.【Get Price】

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3 aug 2012 when vacuuming, pay particular attention to soft furnishings and make sure you get right into the corners of your room and move furniture to get to the floor underneath. top tip: once you've finished vacuuming, make sure you dispose of your vacuum bag by sealing it and tying it in a bin bag and placing it outdoors. once you've vacuumed, it's time to attack your floor with a damp mop. if at all possible, use a disposable mop, otherwise, once again, you risk spreading 【Get Price】

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3 nov 2019 flooring can be challenging to maintain in a wet and humid environment such as the bathroom, but it also offers great appeal. consider the usage: may not be the best flooring choice in a heavily used bathroom where children will splash around but can be perfect in a guest bath or powder room that contains only a vanity and there's little chance of water puddling on the floor. unless you're up to the task of diligent maintenance, you may want to 【Get Price】

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9 nov 2012 got squeaky floors? check out this quick flooring 101 tip! various reasons can contribute to squeaks. squeaks can be installation or site related such as an unlevel subfloor or even environmental. environmental squeaks in can be lessened by maintaining correct temperature levels of 60 80 and humidity levels of 30 50%, before and after installation. because of the needed tongue and groove system in wood flooring, squeaks are bound to happen and are 【Get Price】

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8 dec 2015 help!! i'm redecorating my 1st floor powder room and need advice. i'm having wallpaper removed and plan to have a soft painted faux finish design on the walls. one of the contractors suggested that i replace the dated 12x12 inch white ceramic tile with a wood floor. my entire 1st floor is wood【Get Price】

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1 nov 2015 i am currently redecorating my condominium. every picture on houzz that i love the powder room has a wooden floor. when i ask i am always told that wood floors in bathrooms and kitchens are not recommended. what is the deal? the pros on tv and websites continue to use wood floors in these areas. my【Get Price】

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quiet a squeaky floor with these troubleshooting tips from hgtv.com. sprinkle baby powder, baking soda or powdered graphite over the squeaky floorboard and work it into the seams. this will lubricate the wood and should keep the floorboards from rubbing together and squeaking. if that doesn't stop the noise, use wood screws whose length will penetrate the subfloor but stop ? inch below the surface of the finished floor. for large areas that squeak on the first floor, use steel 【Get Price】

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8 dec 2016 home improvement expert lou manfredini joins kathie lee and hoda to share ways to improve your home security and give your tile floors a new shine. he also reveals a great diy trick to get rid of the pesky squeaks from your floors.【Get Price】

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6 feb 2014 once you've both identified the spot precisely, wedge a thin wood shim coated with carpenter's glue between the subfloor (the base to your floor) and the nearest joist (the beam running across your house; usually exposed at basement level). the best type of shim to use is an exterior wood siding one: it tapers more gradually than the regular kind. try silencing the squeak with a heavy shower of real talcum powder — powdered graphite or powdered soapstone.【Get Price】