old wood porch tongue and groove

preservation brief 45: preserving historic wood

to achieve this, existing evidence of the historic design, such as a baluster or column detail, or a tongue and groove floor design, should serve as a pattern for the replacement part. when replacing an element, it may provide a good opportunity to upgrade the wood to another species that is more decay resistant, or to one . 【Get Price】

how to refinish wood porch floor: autumn diy project

23 oct 2009. with just a $100 budget, cafemom lil_red_53, with help from her mom, recently refinished the tongue and groove pine wood floor on the front porch of her. refinishing the porch was a messy process with all the sanding; however, in the end, i have a beautiful 130-year old front porch that i love even more.【Get Price】

frequently asked questions - southern pine

“antique heart pine” or “reclaimed heart pine” refers to lumber from old growth southern pine, regardless of species, salvaged as timbers from old factories, mills or barns, or recovered as “sinker” . . the maximum recommended joist spacing for installing southern pine tongue & groove porch flooring is 16 inches on center.【Get Price】

porch guide - the platform - by vintage

this will, obviously, keep your porch floor drier. wood flooring. providing your joist blocking is spaced closely enough for adequate support, a very traditional wood floor can be made of 1 by 4 lumber. many "old-timers" feel this lumber should not be "flooring" , as this will tend to . 【Get Price】

how to install porch flooring how-tos diy

inspect the porch. first, check the existing porch alignment to ensure that your porch frame is in square. measure from opposite end to opposite end. if the two measurements are. if you use tongue and groove porch decking, ensure that all sides are primed before you install in order to prevent moisture damage.【Get Price】

how to replace a rotten wood porch floor today's

watch this video to find out how to remove a rotten wood porch floor, and replace it with pressure treated pine floor joists and tongue and groove flooring.. after the old flooring has been removed using a crow bar, replace any rotten floor joists with treated lumber before installing the flooring. use a rubber mallet or a scrap . 【Get Price】

ways to preserve your porch floor -

20 jun 2008. the hardest hit are traditional, solid surface, tongue-and-groove floors without gaps for drainage like a deck. but there are several ways to reduce maintenance and repairs when you build a new porch or maintain an old one. built-in problems. flat roofs have a little slope because they have to shed water.【Get Price】

wood porch flooring tongue and groove

wood porch flooring is the most popular material for porch floors. i am partial to wood floors, especially tongue and groove decking, because i love woodworking. advertisements. advertisements. you probably didn't know all of the wood options you have when either building a new porch or renovating an old one.【Get Price】

repair for an old wooden porch - extreme how to

17 may 2019. porches are almost always made of wood, and many older homes have a porch floor made from tongue-and-groove lumber. knowing the devastating effects that water will have on a wood porch, older homes were built so the porch floors gently sloped from the house to the outside edge of the porch.【Get Price】

nice warm-toned tongue and groove for porch

nice warm-toned tongue and groove for porch ceiling -- love the stain color and overall look of this. we would also like to apply this to the small ceiling area of the roof extension above our garage.【Get Price】

sanding exterior porches sanding your porch

the 2 biggest myths of sanding exterior porches exterior porch refurbishment is a great summer project, but misconceptions about the process abound.. old porch paint is more likely than clear finishes to contain lead. . . this product requires that you prep your wood with their exterior wood cleaner. covered . 【Get Price】

how to install tongue-and-groove porch or deck

5 apr 2001. to repair the porch similar to the original design, the owner of this old house purchased a large quantity of southern yellow pine tongue-and-groove flooring. because complete paint coverage means that moisture will be discouraged from entering the wood, and it's well known that most . 【Get Price】

tips from a deck remodeler professional deck

1 nov 2008. wood on porches can be over 100 years old, and nine out of ten decks my company has worked on weren't flashed to the house . both of those factors can. this is particularly important when the framing will be covered with royal's deck lok tongue-and-groove decking. because of the tongue . 【Get Price】

fixing the porch - old house restoration,

11 feb 2011. ted arrived to find a porch with rotten tongue-and-groove decking, disintegrating steps, falling-off balusters, columns compressed into the floor, and a . . rested them on thin lead shims to allow the undersides to ventilate and to prevent moisture entrapment between the column bases and the wood floor.【Get Price】