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cedar decking costs, zip code, sq. ft. basic, better, best. cedar decking – material prices, $325.00 $350.00, $475.00 $595.00, $600.00 $635.00. cedar decking – installation cost, $475.00 $525.00, $575.00 $635.00, $675.00 $725.00. cedar decking – total, $800.00 $875.00, $1050.00 $1230.00, $1275.00 $1360.00. cedar decking – total average cost per square foot, $8.38, $11.40, $13.18 【Get Price】

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how much a deck should cost. average costs and comments from costhelper's team of professional journalists and community of users. hiring someone to construct a wood deck can cost $8 $75 or more a square foot for labor and materials, depending on whether it is built with pressure treated wood ($8 $50 or more a square foot, or about $2560 $16000 for 16'x20'), cedar ( $20 $75 or more a square foot, or $6400 $24000 for 16'x20'), redwood ($30 $75 or more a square foot, 【Get Price】

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ironwood decking costs, zip code, sq. ft. basic, better, best. ironwood decking – material prices, $425.00 $450.00, $575.00 $695.00, $750.00 $835.00. ironwood decking – installation cost, $475.00 $525.00, $575.00 $635.00, $675.00 $725.00. ironwood decking – total, $900.00 $975.00, $1150.00 $1330.00, $1425.00 $1560.00. ironwood decking – total average cost per square foot, $9.38, $12.40, $14.93 【Get Price】

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how much a cedar deck should cost. average costs and comments from costhelper's team of professional journalists and community of users. a cedar deck can cost $20 $75 or more a square foot ($6400 $24000 for 16'x20'), depending on the quality of the lumber, the complexity of the project, and whether construction is by casual labor or a licensed contractor. costhelper readers report paying $6651 $10324 materials and labor for a cedar deck, at $23.09 $71.69 a square foot, with 【Get Price】

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12 jan 2019 cedar decking is a popular choice for outdoor projects because of its versatility, vibrant color and light weight. natural cedar wood is resistant to pests and can withstand extreme weather conditions. home and property owners can get decades of use out of their decks that are built out of cedar decking. see what it costs with the guide below. the costs. basic. the average cost of basic cedar decking is $4.63 per linear foot. the minimum cost of basic cedar decking is 【Get Price】

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2 may 2013 a smaller, simpler deck that's low to the ground is less expensive than a larger, taller deck, ford says. the price also goes up if you use higher quality wood. cedar, for example, is soft to the touch and doesn't splinter or crack as much as pine. decks built with cedar can cost between $11 and $26 per square foot, ford says. man made or composite materials are among the most expensive materials available, sometimes as much as $50 per square foot. composite 【Get Price】

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homeadvisor's deck refinishing cost estimator gives you average costs & prices associated with a typical deck refinishing job. materials for a 300 square foot deck, for example, would cost $900 when priced at an average cost of $3 per square foot. you'll also need to consider: regional pricing trends: deck cedar, pine and other soft woods can typically handle pressure levels around 500 psi, while hardwoods can handle levels closer to 1200 psi. pressure washers cost about 【Get Price】

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1 may 2019 materials are the main cost, aside from labor, for pricing a deck. when talking about a deck's material, say a pressure treated wood deck, it is the floor boards and trim that are being referenced. there are essentially three main types of materials that homeowners select from: natural wood, pressure treated wood and composites (or plastics). natural wood runs the gamut in terms of costs. cedar is the least expensive decking material (about $4 per sq.ft.), while exotic 【Get Price】

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cedar decks are often considered more visually appealing to homeowners in the short term, but without diligent cleaning and resealing, most cedar decks lose their rich color after a few years. cedar decks generally last from 15 to 20 years, but they can deteriorate faster, particularly on the ground floor and in shaded areas that take longer to dry out. the average material cost for cedar is $5 to $15 per square foot, for an estimated cost of $6,400 to $24,000 to 【Get Price】

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get 2019 cedar decking price options and installation cost ranges. free, online cedar decking cost calculator breaks down fair prices in your area. input project size, product quality and labor type to get cedar decking material pricing and installation cost estimates.【Get Price】

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2 may 2019 also, remember that materials are purchased per square foot. cedar wood. the average cost of cedar wood decking is $3.75/sf. cedar is another common type of wood used for a wood deck. this particular wood has a natural beauty to it that pressure treated wood simply does not. cedar is also homeowners should consider their budgets, the size of land you have to work with and the average size of decks in your neighborhood when determining your deck size.【Get Price】

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homeadvisor's deck construction cost guide lists prices associated with building a deck including labor and materials, as reported by homeadvisor customers. options include polyethylene (with an average cost per square foot of $7.82), polypropylene (average cost per square foot, $8.68) and polyvinyl chloride or pvc (average cost per square foot, $7.50 hollow core, $9.48 solid core.) pros. composite materials cedar softwood, average price per square foot is $3.75. pros.【Get Price】