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we want your wood to last forever, and yes, you can make wood last forever. the photo to the right is of a wooden chapel, called a stavkirke, in oye, norway. if you leave snow on a deck made of pressure treated wood or a rot resistant wood like cedar, it will rot faster than an un treated pine deck that gets shoveled.【Get Price】

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every piece of wood is unique and you will never find 2 pieces that sound, weigh or look exactly the same. however, all the different species of norwegian wood have different qualities and tonal characteristics that you can learn more about here. maple. the maple family includes more than 200 different species, and most 【Get Price】

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sort maple from mahogany with our simple timber types glossary. they are used predominantly for piers, flooring, decking and in most timber furniture. a white pale to brown wood timber, beech is native to sweden, denmark and norway, where it is used for everything from firewood to furniture and flooring. due to its 【Get Price】

birch plywood in boatbuilding boat design net

heikki, birch is a very pretty wood and the sap makes a great home brew wine (as an old scots highlander i know) but like most soft woods when converted into ply is easily bruised. sure you could use it for boat building but it will need to be throughly sealed both inside and out and in doing so you'll 【Get Price】

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oct 17, 2019 when importing wood products, a health certificate must accompany the goods. the norwegian food safety authority shall approve and register the import.【Get Price】

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averages a trifle heavier than the wood in ordinary structural timbers, poles, posts, and railway ties. such pieces usually include the pith and are often taken from top logs of low average density. in any lot of lumber of a given species in the air dry condition at 12 per cent moisture, the weight per cubic foot will rarely vary more 【Get Price】

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durability. wood lasts a long time. the stave churches of norway were built entirely of wood. in the 1000s the posts were set directly in the ground and they cent steel beams, which can lose their strength and collapse under heat. wood, the best. choice! by larry lanning, hardware hawaii & hlpa marketing chair.【Get Price】

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for areas where it is against the law to use pressure treated wood, our lumber is only heated and steamed in the manufacturing process, which means our products are ideal for a beautiful long lasting deck anywhere in any conditions! species: we offer decking products in a variety of species, including but not limited to ash 【Get Price】