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pergola anchoring. all posts should be attached to the ground. below are the most common scenarios. to anchor the posts, you need metal anchors and bolts. our anchor kits, whether for concrete or wood decks come with everything you need to attach your structure securely. option 1: standard anchor kit.【Get Price】

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jul 1, 2015 this do it yourself video will teach you how to pour concrete into a sonotube form, measure and place post mount brackets for your pergola kit. outdoor living today makes 50 + do it yourself western red cedar backyard kits made simple.【Get Price】

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jan 20, 2019 the easiest method of installation is to dig footings to the correct depth (below the frost line in your area) and use post mounting hardware to attach the posts to the concrete footings or existing concrete slab as follows: order the 8 foot or 10 foot post option and add the post attachment hardware to your 【Get Price】

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grow vines over a pergola, or add lattice to its top to make a shady summertime picnic area. a pergola's structural integrity rests on its posts and how well they are anchored to the ground. they can be set in the ground with concrete or anchored at ground level with heavy steel brackets embedded in concrete footing.【Get Price】

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apr 22, 2009 this method works for pergolas in open lawn space. if you are building over an existing stone patio, don't anchor the structure directly to the patio. instead, remove some stones, dig footings and weave the patio parts around the posts. to anchor to a concrete slab or footing, use post anchors like simpson 【Get Price】

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jul 26, 2013 once the concrete had set, you would build the pergola on the posts. today, there are more efficient options to set footings such as helical piers or footings. if you are a do it yourselfer, the helical pier may be a bit difficult to set because equipment is needed to drill down to the 48” depth most require for code 【Get Price】

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if you want your pergola positioned over a patio or concrete – choose the second option as the fixing post is secured by using a hammer drill and masonry bit to drill through using the base as a template, mark the holes on the surface, drill and then secure using the bolts provided ensuring that they are tightly screwed in.【Get Price】

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pergola footings. creating reliable pergola footings is probably one of the most important parts of pergola construction and there is no more solid a method than to cement the footings into the ground for a really strong and stable garden structure. if you are buildinga pergola over a deck you may want to use hardware 【Get Price】

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feb 19, 2013 a bracket, a concrete anchor – also known as a tapcon bolt – and then some lag bolts to attach the post to the bracket. the wood trim nailed on after is probably those are much more aesthetically pleasing options, but they are not sufficient surfaces for installing a pergola. you need a surface that is an 【Get Price】

how to build a pergola how tos diy has written and video instructions on how to build a wooden pergola. a common mistake is to think that a pergola is a shade structure; the reality is that the overhead network of beams and rafters affords very little shade. to do this, attach a 1x4 to the side of the post with a single nail or drive screw.【Get Price】