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latitudinal distributions of atmospheric msa and msa/nssso42

30 may 2012 non-sea-salt (nss) sulfate (so4. 2à) in the marine the concentrations of msa (an indicator of marine biogenic sulfur production), sulfate, sodium and 2à and air temperature at high latitudes, indicating latitudinal temperature variations . that was installed on the upper deck of r/v xue long. samples 【Get Price】

possible factors controlling global marine temperature variations

marine air temperature (mat) and sea surface temperature. (sst) interannual the marine air temperature data were adjusted by conduction from the deck, and appropriate corrections have to for each area by the cosine of its mean latitude multiplied by the mommdb contains indicators denoting "bucket" or "non-.【Get Price】

marine surface weather observations - voluntary observing ship

1 may 2010 lalala. latitude. 000-900. qc. quadrant. 1, 3, 5, 7. lolololo. longitude. 0000-1800. ir. precipitation data indicator. 4 ix. weather data . forecasts over land areas, because marine weather systems often move inland. notable non-instrumental ones, so that eye function in the dark is not impaired. allows contact with air fresh from the sea which has not passed over the deck prior to.【Get Price】

crossing latitudes—long-distance tracking of an apex predator

11 feb 2015 tiger sharks (galeocerdo cuvier) are apex predators occurring in most tropical and warm temperate marine hooked sharks were brought on deck or restrained in a stretcher at the stern of the vessel, measured and sexed. for one shark (shark 5), time-at-temperature histograms associated with latitude/longitude information were used to .. paterson r (1990) effects of long-term anti-shark measures on target and non-target species in queensland, australia.【Get Price】

latitudes canadian evaluation - permadeck

26 jul 2011 it is the opinion of the canadian construction materials centre (ccmc) that “latitudes'w (veranda, capricorn and. marine) wood/plastic composite deck boar ”, when used as both exterior decking planks and as stair treads in 0 the product must be gapped end-to-end based on the length of the plank and the temperature at strength and stiffness (after 2 75% of non-weathered.【Get Price】

ccmc 13378-r - veranda composite decking and composite railing

31 aug 2012 latitudes (veranda, capricorn, deckorators and marine) wood/plastic composite. deck 6-mm minimum spacing between sides of the planks, depending on temperature at installation . 75% of non-weathered value.【Get Price】

latitudes decking latitudes marine composite decking latitudes

latitudes decking - one of the finest composite decking products on the market for use around water. want to make sure that you use decking materials that were designed to withstand natural disasters, harsh weather conditions and have the ability to repel. why choose latitudes decking the preferred choice for marine, docks, and decks that are built near water is the latitudes marine decking brand.【Get Price】

permadeck latitude composite decking boards

10 mar 2014 latitude marine (31.8mm thick solid). 1.2 the material used to . connected to supporting timber joists, except where being used for a non-structural floating deck overlay. planks to be at the same temperature prior to.【Get Price】

physiological tolerances across latitudes thermal sensitivity of larval

4 dec 2009 physiological tolerances across latitudes thermal sensitivity of larval marine snails (nucella spp.) stages, embryos feed on nurse eggs (unfertilized eggs or non-developing embryos) within the egg capsule (leboeuf 1971).【Get Price】

marine surface temperature observed variations and data

we will concentrate on sea surface temperature (sst) and marine air temperature (mat). . numbers of nmat data per 5° latitude x longitude area contributing to mohmat31 in 1871-80, 1911-20, 1951-60, 1985-94. . in addition, folland and parker (1995) compiled a history of mean ships' speeds, which affect ventilation on deck. (1990) used an over-simplified formulation for wooden buckets, whereas folland and parker (1995) used the full non-linear heat-conduction equations 【Get Price】

annual signal and interannual anomalies of sea surface

30 aug 1978 marine deck sea surface observation records on file at the national weather latitude . annual and interannual variability. it is commonly asserted that in the eastern tropical atlantic ocean the sst annual annual, semi-annual and four month period are observed, but after subtracting the non-.【Get Price】

global analysis of night marine air temperature and its uncertainty

14 feb 2013 latitude-longitude grid from 1880 as anomalies analysis of night marine air temperature and its uncertainty since 1880 the hadnmat2 data set, j. geophys. res. atmos., 118 . and for non-standard observing practice (section 4). the data . tures on the open deck were built to protect funnels and the.【Get Price】

global analysis of night marine air temperature and its uncertainty

14 feb 2013 global analysis of night marine air temperature and its uncertainty since 1880 the hadnmat2 data set . [6] this paper will describe the data sources (section 2) and the adjustment methodologies for height (section 3) and for non-standard observing practice (section 4). .. higher latitudes if cabins were heated, and show lower wind speed dependence than deck temperatures (as any 【Get Price】

composite and plastic decking product in review architecture and

11 apr 2014 the use of composite and plastic decking products as an alternative to timber may still be relatively new in australia but there's already a vast range of products some boards will expand and contract as much as 1mm with every four degree celsius fluctuation in temperature. in this latitudes duro from urbanline composition 60% non-virgin wood fibre and 40% recycled plastic.【Get Price】

evaluation report ccmc 13378-r latitudes - deckorators

latitudes. . (veranda, capricorn, deckorators and marine). wood/plastic composite deck board. masterformat 6 mm minimum spacing between sides of the planks, depending on temperature at installation . 50% of non-aged value.【Get Price】

latitudes marine decking - urbanline architectural

urbanline latitudes marine decking is a stunning composite with superior water and uv resistance that makes it the a fantastic alternative to wood decking, latitudes marine decking continues looking great and performing well years after 【Get Price】

hadnmat2 - met office

6 jun 2015 the hadnmat2 data set is a monthly global field of night marine air temperature (nmat) on a 5° latitude by 5° the effects of spurious trends caused by changes in deck height on non-standard thermometer exposure.【Get Price】

permadeck - range of wood composite decking products.

permadeck offers four different natural look wood composite products – latitudes everx for home decking projects, without any compromise in the strength, stability or durability and with the same good looking, non slip 'brushed' surface finish. permadeck latitudes marine decking navigates innovation with composite boards specifically designed for use at the supporting structure with screws through moulded-in screw slots, which allow for thermal expansion and contraction.【Get Price】

marine chronometer - wikipedia

a marine chronometer is a timepiece that is precise and accurate enough to be used as a portable time standard; it can therefore be used to to determine a position on the earth's surface, it is necessary and sufficient to know the latitude, longitude, and altitude. his design used a fast-beating balance wheel controlled by a temperature-compensated spiral spring. mariners would use the chronometer to set a so-called hack watch, which would be carried on deck to make the 【Get Price】