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diseclar, furniture produced with plastic wastes indiegogo

where others see rubbish, garbage and waste, we at diseclar see furniture. thanks to our inventive manufacturing process we're able to turn waste materials into stylish furniture that can be used in and outdoors. by using non-degradable plastic and vegetable fibers that come from agro-industrial waste sites, we're able to create a product that both looks and feels like solid wood. our stylish, custom pieces not only look great, they're also resistant to moisture, rot, insects and uv rays, 【Get Price】

waste from dirk vander kooij's new chubby chair is made into

19 may 2013 with a wall-size photograph of fanuc watching over the booth, vander kooij's chubby chairs were perched on shipping pallets at icff. each chair is made from recycled plastic from refrigerators, ground down into a paste and printed, layer by layer, gradually building up the components of the chair. the 3d-printed plastic is as durable as a hard wood, and it's made entirely from recycled materials. even the waste from the production of chubby chairs is reused, 【Get Price】

broom chair, made from waste polypropylene and reclaimed wood

8 aug 2013 broom introduces an entirely new chair material composite, combining reclaimed polypropylene and discarded wood fiber. made from a compound of industry waste from lumber factories and industrial plastic plants, this material has a three-fold environmental impact. less energy, less waste and less carbon. in most manufacturing there is waste. ends and pieces of plastic and wood are discarded and thrown away. imagine a new material that sweeps up this waste, 【Get Price】

creative chairs from odd materials - interior design ideas

chairssustainable. it is chairs, this time! we take a look at some of the most creatively recycled chairs out there. there is no argument that some of these may not be the most comfortable ones to sit on, but there is also no denying the genius of their designers in thinking of new ways to add function to these objects. first up, a chair and if you happen to have those old wooden playbricks that you used to play with when you were a kid, how about shaping that into a chair? wooden-chair【Get Price】

my waste products. recycled plastic products

welcome to my waste products. we are the manufacturers and suppliers of 100% recycled plastic furniture. my waste products is a new company in the recycling industry. we are a proudly south african company situated in gauteng. all our furniture, planks and poles are made from 100% recycled plastics (this is not wood-composite). so let's “go green in sa “. the recycled plastic comes in different colours and is used to produce environmental friendly 【Get Price】

beyond plastic: creating sustainable materials from recycled waste

7 jan 2014 new, innovative materials can be produced from everyday waste – could they offer a sustainable alternative to plastic or wood? and, while the company is close-lipped about its potential partnerships, it isn't hard to see how ikea, home depot, and other furniture and home-repair retailers would be interested in cheap, sustainable boards. the key word is cheap. for now, ecor's biggest problem is the same one facing any other sustainable material: price.【Get Price】

eco plastic wood: home the best recycled plastic furniture

our accreditations. our aim is to provide a product that is made from 100% recycled plastic waste therefore reducing landfill, but without compromising on quality. in fact the quality, durability and lifespan is better than regular wood. we are confident you will not be disappointed with our products.【Get Price】

trash categories and disposal tips

dispose anything up to the thickness of disposable udon dishes as landfill waste. aluminum foil. non-combustible garbage. (landfill). antennas. recyclables (metals). * dispose plastic antennas such as parabola antennas as plastic garbage (others). garment cases. wooden. combustible garbage. dismantle/collapse. metal. recyclables (metals). plastic. plastic garbage (others). chairs (metal). recyclables (metals). * wooden chairs are combustible garbage. remove cushions.【Get Price】

form us with love uses recycled wood and plastic to create

13 nov 2019 reclaimed wood chips and recycled plastic were both used to create this chair, designed by swedish studio form us with love.【Get Price】

how to make a chair out of molten plastic waste - core77

8 dec 2009 we've admired cohda's rd legs chair for some time, and now there's a video explaining how they do it. watch as cohda design hand makes it by wrapping one continuous strand of molten plastic waste around a mold made from mdf and dowels.【Get Price】

plastics recycling: challenges and opportunities philosophical

14 jun 2009 approximately 50 per cent of plastics are used for single-use disposable applications, such as packaging, agricultural films and disposable consumer items, between 20 and 25% for long-term infrastructure such as pipes, cable coatings and structural materials, and the remainder for durable consumer applications with intermediate lifespan, such as in electronic goods, furniture, vehicles, etc. post-consumer plastic waste generation across the european union (eu) 【Get Price】

materials - emeco

emeco materials. it started with recycled aluminum for the navy chair in 1944. today, there's a lot more to reclaim. so we make chairs from recycled plastic bottles. reclaimed polypropylene. reclaimed wood. eco-concrete. the point is to make really good chairs. good means more than just for sitting.【Get Price】

recycled plastic outdoor furniture by poly-wood? - youtube

8 feb 2012 recycled plastic outdoor furniture by poly-wood?: poly-wood? designs and manufactures timeless, classic, outdoor furniture. relax in our durable and comfortable, all-weather plastic furniture -- whether it's rain, snow, salt water, sun, or ice, polywood? performance furnishings are built to last -- no hassles and no worries. and polywood? is green -- made from a high percentage of post-consumer materials, our furniture transforms landfill waste into usable 【Get Price】

davao city's recycled plastics king inquirer news

15 sep 2012 looks like wood. businessman winchester lemen shows off an armchair that looks a lot like wood but is actually made of recycled plastics. germelina lacorte. he still remembers his father telling him that one day, he will become the next biggest plastics manufacturer in the country. winchester o. lemen took his father's word so seriously that he ended up recycling soft plastic wastes mined from landfills and turning these into classroom chairs, park benches, 【Get Price】