W&M Debate Society

Registration - W&M II

Registration Deadline: March 30th
Send all registration information to wmdebatetournament@gmail.com

Registration and Finance:
Our tournament is pay to play, and reg fees are $120 per team if south of New Yolk City, $100 if in NY or north thereof. Reg may be paid in cash or check payable to William and Mary Debate Society. Because we are pay to play, if you need a W9 or invoice beforehand for your school to process, that is on you to contact us prior to the tournament. If you need to work out debt swapping or need a reg break, please indicate this in your reg email. We are understanding and will try our best to help you out if you need it. We will only be offering reg breaks for teams who can, with legitimate documentation, demonstrate financial need.

Required Registration Information:
a) Number of teams
b) Team names, full names of speakers, full names of judges, and indications of seeds and novices
c) Number of people who need housing
d) The name, e-mail, and cell phone number of a member attending the tournament we can use to contact your team
e) Any special accommodations your team members might require, including dietary needs

Check-In closes at 3:15 pm. We are far away, we know that, but as many of you may remember from last year, if you are not south of DC by around 1:00, you will add 2 more hours to your already long trek. Round 1 pairings will be read at 3:45 SHARP. We will drop any teams who arrive late.

Housing: Housing Director Tori Bostler will make sure everyone has a place to stay on Friday. If you require any special housing accomodations, please indicate this in your registration email.
Food: The team will provide dinner on Friday and breakfast Saturday morning. Lunch on Saturday will be arranged by each individual team.

Judging: Brad Ewing will ensure that all rounds receive fair judges. To help him do that, we have a judging requirement of (n-1)/2, rounded up, with a $50 fee per missing judge.

Tab: Tab Directors Ben Marks and Jerusalem Demsas and our awesome, amazing, overworked tab staff will ensure that our tournament runs efficiently. We will enjoy the usual W&M four rounds on Friday evening, ending at or before 10pm.

Equity Officer: The Equity Officer will be JerusaIem Demsas.