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29 sep 2019. cheap bathroom remodeling means following a certain set of rules that revolve around something called surface remodeling.. for example, in bathrooms, there is no better way to cover up the lower portion of walls than with easy-to-install wainscot. wainscot is a. refinish tub instead of replacing it.【Get Price】

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amazing unfinished basement ideas you should try #unfinishedbasement tags: unfinished basement ideas on a budget unfinished basement ceiling ideas unfinished basement wall covering cheapest way to finish basement walls cheap ways to decorate an unfinished basement inexpensive unfinished basement ideas . 【Get Price】

what's the best way to cover up fake wood paneling?

many suggest using drywall mud over the grooves between the panels, sanding the paneling, applying primer, then painting.. i primered & painted over cheap photofinish paneling , next re-do was to cover it with the thinest wall board available, then tape and texturie it before primer . 【Get Price】

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3 days ago. in this post i'm showing you how to skim coat over wall texture to create a smooth finish. smoothing wall texture can be time. or one person did do the job and got sick of it halfway through and just started slopping joint compound on the walls! either way, now i have to fix it. i need all the walls in my house . 【Get Price】

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finishing foundation walls: insulated stud walls. tom framing out a basement wall with a homeowner. view as slideshow. best for: avid diyers on tight budgets. how it's done: it's the tried-and-true traditional method: a vapor barrier and rigid-foam insulation are laid over foundation walls, followed by a stud frame and . 【Get Price】

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25 sep 2014. the style of these two items can transform your bathroom and don't involve changing the tile at all. if you're dealing with a colored tub, consider having it resurfaced. you can paint the walls and medicine cabinet white and let the tile color — whatever it may be — speak for itself. with a cleaner background, . 【Get Price】

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you can float a skim coat over it after knocking the high spots off or hide it with a layer of 3 8" drywall. new drywall will give best results but may require extending door and window jambs, electrical boxes and any other trim and baseboards . 【Get Price】

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24 may 2011. here is a good article that sounds easy and fairly cheap . method one: the roller sheetrock texturing method. this is the easiest of the two wall and ceiling texturing methods outlined in this tutorial. you'll need: paint roller handle with cover and . 【Get Price】

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if you have the space, your basement can become anything you want it to be. however, the reality is that not everyone has a lot of extra money to put up new walls and lay down new floors. however, even if you don't have an unlimited budget, you don't have to leave your basement unfinished and unused. instead, use your . 【Get Price】

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4 aug 2019. once the domain of professional home painters, now there are a number of tools available at home improvement stores that make retexturing walls a feasible project for any home. you can also use objects like whisk brooms, combs and sponges to refinish walls. this article will teach you how to retexture . 【Get Price】

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ceramic tile refinishing is an affordable, durable and beautiful alternative to removal and replacement of tile countertops, vanities and walls. ceramic tile refinishing -- do you understand the difference between ceramic tile refinishing and painting ceramic tile? ceramic tile refinishing is a process that involves . 【Get Price】

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22 sep 2012. i had trouble finding any videos on how to fill the cracks in old style paneling. we had a dark wood type of paneling downstairs and i hate wood paneling. .now real wood paneling i can deal with but not the fake wood paneling. you find this a lot in older homes. in our this house had survived a . 【Get Price】

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finishing a portion of a basement is an inexpensive way to gain valuable space for a family room, game room or other use. the big question is how to finish the foundation walls. we'll assume that you have either a poured concrete or a cement block masonry wall. with either surface, the finishing options are the same.【Get Price】

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18 sep 2015. a popular method for covering up ugly wood paneling, painting it white quickly brightens up a space and gives the boards a cute cottage vibe. these bloggers even had success painting their paneled cabinets . get the tutorial at vintage refined ». advertisement - continue . 【Get Price】

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don't replace worn countertops—resurface them! here's how: . . painting your garage floor is a great way to protect it from oil and fluid drips from your car. or, you . .. using a few basic standard wood boards, you can create an easy and inexpensive wall treatment which will add a huge amount of impact to a plain space.【Get Price】

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11 may 2016. a “simple” way to hide your wood paneling is to wallpaper over it. but there is a trick to it because normal wallpaper will still show the grooves and you need a flat surface for proper wallpapering. the secret is to use a wallpaper liner first. the wallpaper liner will hide any imperfections on your walls . 【Get Price】

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8 jul 2016. adding the skim coat to smooth the textured walls was super inexpensive and a very simple process. you can hire a painter to. i looked at a few tutorials before attempting on my own, and as i began i actually developed a little different method that really worked quickly and easily. skim coat on textured . 【Get Price】