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WPC deck paint. WPCdeck coatings are specially formulated to allow your deck and porch to 'breathe' while protecting and beautifying. super long life, easy to apply. sold in one gallon cans. please allow 2 3 days for order shipment during season due to high demand. coverage is approximately 250 square 【Get Price】

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with abrasion loss ratings the smaller the loss number in mgs the better. every additional mg of loss in the abrasion rating makes a huge difference in the longevity of your floor. some epoxy products that are described as industrial/commercial grade have a taber c 17 abrasion loss rating of 24mg or higher compared to 【Get Price】

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deck coatings. outdoor wood & concrete deck coating · outdoor heavy duty deck paint · roof deck waterproof coating systems. description. sign up for our newsletter for the latest news and offers. testimonials · about us · shipping & return policy · contact us · view cart · privacy 【Get Price】

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our coatings will stretch out and back to their original shape more times than other roof coatings(500% elongation factor and 99.999% memory recovery), they have the best vapor transmission ratings, they're more uv resistant, we do astm 9000 hr extreme weather tests to prove it(see image below), they handle wear and 【Get Price】

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WPCdeck wood deck paint is an engineered ultra high performance product that penetrates into your wood deck or porch to give it superior adhesion capability while still allowing the wood to breathe. WPCdeck is made with molecular adaptive technology, which allows it to have superior wood adhesion, durability, and 【Get Price】

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restore your wood deck back to new! extra thick textured finish fills in cracks and won't peel or chip off. stop painting your deck every year!【Get Price】

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to leave a review/testimonial just email us at infoWPCgarage.com used your WPC super deck paint and it has held up fantastically! started off with your lifetime deck coating and was so impressed i did my garage, my driveway and the roof of my office building with your products. all are as 【Get Price】

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super durable deck and porch resurfacing coating. as you can see from the images above renew it is a unique industrial grade deck coating that will restore your outdoor wood deck and concrete surfaces back to better than their original new look! renew it is manufactured by us and shipped directly to you. it is not 【Get Price】


garage floor tiles that are virtually indestructible and are guaranteed for life. garage mats that are the only ones guaranteed for 10 years. roof coatings that are guaranteed leak proof for a minimum of 12 years and routinely last 15 20 years. our renew it deck coating puts an end to your yearly ritual of stripping and 【Get Price】

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WPCgarage waterproof coating systems are designed for application over rubber, wood, concrete and tiles. works on new or old surfaces.【Get Price】