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wisa birch and wisa birch special wisa plywood

available surface qualities. s (ii) for wisa birch special bb (iii) and wg (iv) for wisa birch. all available surface qualitieds comply with the en 635 standard (plywood classification by surface appearance) and are in part stricter. s and bb are for end use where sound surface appearance is required. wg is recommended for applications where the technical properties of birch plywood are needed but surface appearance is not of primary importance.【Get Price】

shear modulus wikipedia

the shear modulus is concerned with the deformation of a solid when it experiences a force parallel to one of its surfaces while its opposite face experiences an opposing force (such as friction). in the of an object shaped like a rectangular prism, it will deform into a parallelepiped. anisotropic materials such as wood, paper and also essentially all single crystals exhibit differing material response to stress or strain when tested in different directions. in this case, one may need to 【Get Price】

structural wood lumber engineering properties table chart

the following table is structural lumber wood engineering properties. modulus of elasticity of wood, wood engineering design data and elastic ratios.【Get Price】

mechanical properties of wood forest products laboratory

orthotropic nature of wood 4–1. elastic properties 4–2. modulus of elasticity 4–2. poisson's ratio 4–2. modulus of rigidity 4–3. strength properties 4–3. common properties 4–3. less common properties 4–24. vibration properties 4–25. speed of sound 4–25. internal friction 4–26. mechanical properties of clear straight grained wood 4–26. natural characteristics affecting mechanical properties 4–27. specific gravity 4–27. knots 4–27. slope of grain 4–28. annual ring 【Get Price】

timber mechanical properties engineering toolbox

wood, density ρ (kg/m<sup>3</sup>), fibre stress at elastic limit σy (mpa), modulus of elasticity e (gpa), compressive strength parallel to grain σ (mpa), shear strength τ (mpa). ash, 657, 60, 10.1, 48, 10. beech, 740, 60 110, 10.4, 27 54, 8.3 14. birch, 710, 85 90, 15.2, 67 74, 13 18.5. elm, english, 560, 40 54, 11.8, 17 32, 8 11.3. elm, dutch, 560, 42 60, 7.7, 18 32, 7.2 10. fir, douglas, 530, 45 73, 10.3 15.1, 49 74, 7.4 8.8. mahogany, 545, 60, 8.7, 45, 6.0.【Get Price】

wood handbook, wood as an engineering material

summarizes information on wood as an engineering mate rial. presents properties of wood and wood based products of particular concern to the architect and engineer. includes discussion of designing with wood and wood based prod ucts along with some pertinent uses. keywords: wood structure, physical properties (wood), mechanical properties (wood), lumber, wood based com posites, plywood, panel products, design, fastenings, wood moisture, drying, gluing, fire resistance,&nbsp;【Get Price】

bulk modulus wikipedia

where ρ is density and dp/dρ denotes the derivative of pressure with respect to density (i.e. pressure rate of change with volume). the inverse of the bulk modulus gives a substance's compressibility. other moduli describe the material's response (strain) to other kinds of stress: the shear modulus describes the response to shear, and young's modulus describes the response to linear stress. for a fluid, only the bulk modulus is meaningful. for an anisotropic solid such as wood or paper&nbsp;【Get Price】

mechanical properties of wood civil and environmental engineering

these fibrous cells and their arrangement affect such properties as strength and shrinkage as well as the grain pattern of the wood. this chapter briefly describes some elements of wood structure. bark, wood, branches, and cambium 8.3. 5,490. 1,320 1,000. as. 15%. 12,400. 1.49. 11.4. 6,350. 1,540 1,140. yellow meranti. green. 0.46. 8,000. 1.3. 8.1. 3,880. 1,030. 750. as. 12%. 11,400. 1.55. 10.1. 5,900. 1,520. 770. spanish cedar (cedrela spp.) green. 0.41. 7,500. 1.31. 7.1.【Get Price】

modulus of rigidity engineering toolbox

shear modulus (modulus of rigidity) is the elasticity coefficient for shearing or torsion force. modulus of rigidity g (shear modulus) is the coefficient of elasticity for a shearing force. it is defined as. "the ratio of shear plywood, 0.09, 0.62. polycarbonate, 0.33, 2.3. polyethylene, 0.12. rubber, 0.0003. structural steel, 11.5, 79.3. stainless steel, 11.2, 77.2. steel, cast, 11.3, 78. steel, cold rolled, 10.9, 75. tin, 18. titanium, grade 2, 5.9, 41. titanium, grade 5, 5.9, 41. titanium, 10%&nbsp;【Get Price】

wisa spruce wisa plywood

wisa spruce is a high quality lightweight multipurpose panel. it is made of environmental certified nordic spruce and is an ideal panel for structural uses and load bearing applications like roofing, flooring, wall sheeting, packaging and joinery. properties. light weight; high quality; pefc certified. end uses. floors; roofs; walls; soffits; packaging; temporary building; vehicles; joinery; furniture. bonding. phenolic resin cross bonded weather resistant glueing according to en&nbsp;【Get Price】

reinforced plywood

wood technology department. faculty of forestry. sveto?imunska 25. zagreb university. 10000 zagreb. croatia. bending properties of carbon fiber reinforced plywood. summary. in previous researches, during bending strength determination of plywood reinforced with bi directional carbon fibres (fibre quantity was 12 k, meaning 12000 filaments per tow), delamination was noticed in zone of force action, the phenomenon which is not present in ordinary plywood.【Get Price】

spanish cedar newman lumber

a popular wood for a variety of luxury applications, spanish cedar has been effectively used for millwork, cabinetry, fine furniture, musical instruments,.. boat building, cigar wrappers and humidors, patterns, sliced and rotary cut veneer, decorative and utility plywood. consistently durable, spanish cedar is also used for general outdoor and construction work, paneling and veneer wood. mechanical properties: (first set of data based on 2 in. standard; second set 2 cm standard.)&nbsp;【Get Price】

densities of wood species engineering toolbox

lignum vitae, 1170 1330, 73 83. lime, european, 560. locust, 650 700, 42 44. logwood, 900, 57. madrone, 740, 45. magnolia, 570, 35. mahogany, african, 500 850, 31 53. mahogany, cuban, 660, 40. mahogany, honduras, 650, 41. mahogany, spanish, 850, 53. maple, 600 750, 39 47. meranti, dark red, 710. myrtle, 660, 40. oak, 600 900, 37 56. oak, american red, 740, 45. oak, american white, 770, 47. oak, english brown, 740, 45. obeche, 390. oregon pine, 530, 33.【Get Price】

wisa busfloor wisa plywood

?wisa busfloor is a plywood panel designed to be used in applications such as the sub floor of buses and coaches. good weight to strength ratio, uniform surface quality and a wide range of dimensions makes wisa busfloor an excellent choice in flooring applications. properties. mixed construction panel combined of stong and hard birch veneers in surface and core and light spruce veneer in core; excellent strength/weight ratio; uncoated face for better adhesion, coated reverse&nbsp;【Get Price】

spanish cedar the wood database lumber identification

not a true cedar, spanish cedar is actually more closely related to true mahoganies (swietenia and khaya genera), as both are in the meliaceae family. density and mechanical properties can vary widely depending on country of origin and growing conditions; (specific gravity can vary from .30 to as high as .60 in some instances). some of the wood available at present comes from plantations: where younger, faster growing trees, produce wood that is lower in density, and paler in&nbsp;【Get Price】