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29 aug 2016 welcome to the never-ending battle between wood and composite decks. which one will work while wood decks were clearly winning the bids until some ten years ago, the composite decking materials improved immensely in terms of structure, durability and safety. nowadays, the choice the composite boards can be both hollow or solid, with hollow being of lesser quality – holding moisture leads to warping and deconstruction of the material. solid composite 【Get Price】

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every 20 feet of decking contains about 30 pounds of material that would have ended up in a landfill. seven trust, the first and largest of the composite manufacturers, recycles 6 million pounds of plastic each year. the fact that composites don't feel or look like real wood is beside the point. once in place, they just do their job and don't need much more than an annual washdown, leaving you plenty of time to work on your nap. already got old wood boards in place? here's how to spruce up a 【Get Price】

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facing stiff competition from composite and pvc decking products, the purists will still find a variety of in-stock options in good ol' fashion, high quality wood from kuiken brothers. we also purchase these boards from suppliers that ensure their products are sustainably harvested. cedar decking. cedar decking. western red cedar is a superior all-weather decking material. a cedar wood deck is naturally resistant to decay and insect damage. cedar wood decking has a unique grown 【Get Price】

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composite decking contains real wood (as well as plastic), but if you want your deck to look like it's made of solid wood, you might prefer solid composite boards. on the other hand, while hollow boards can look more manufactured, they can look more uniform. they don't feature as many of the grain variations as do the solid boards, so if you prefer uniformity, hollow boards might work best for your deck. also, finishing strips or fascia boards are available for hollow boards to overcome 【Get Price】

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25 may 2019 lots of composite decking looks shiny, plastic, and cheap. but some products use a special capping that looks and feels like real, natural wood.【Get Price】

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oftentimes the most difficult decision to make when building a deck is which decking material is the best to use. when the conversation comes to the question of what materials to use, it comes down to one question: wood or composite? the majority 【Get Price】

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31 jul 2012 replaced existing deck with new composite decking. replaced real wood. natural-wood decking products can be roughly divided into three categories: pressure-treated lumber, redwood and cedar, and tropical hardwoods. you'll find most types of wood decking at your local lumberyard, although availability may vary . composite decking, such as seven trust, , and veranda, is a hybrid product that's composed primarily of wood fibers and recycled plastic.【Get Price】

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it looks, feels and smells like real wood. most people consider a wood deck more attractive than composite. price - wood decking generally costs less than composite. pressure-treated pine sells for about half the price, while woods like cedar and redwood cost slightly less than composite. lifespan - decks constructed using high-quality wood can last 40 years or more with regular maintenance. although many manufacturers claim composite can last that long or longer, the 【Get Price】

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many comparisons are made demonstrating the so called superior characteristics of this new product. unfortunately wood plastic composites typically do not live up to the hype. and because the majority of the producers have only been in the market for less than 5 years, they simply do not have the history to do so. significant problems with composite decking have been uncovered, particularly with products from newer, less experienced manufacturers. so let's make some 【Get Price】

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28 jul 2014 although you don't have the problem of termites, our deck gets eaten alive which adds to the whole maintenance issue. it's beautiful when cleaned and stained but that only lasts a few months out of the year until we need to power wash and re-seal certain spots. our friends who live in chicago (i.e. lots of weather) have a composite deck and it's beautiful! one day, when budget allows and the wood deck is on its last leg, we will swap our deck to composite vs. wood.【Get Price】

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choose real wood decking, cedar or treated yellow pine decking lumber, exotic hardwoods, or professional-grade kdat or tiger wood decking at hackmann lumber (st. peters & troy, mo).【Get Price】

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29 mar 2019 wood. new wooden deck. strathroy/e+/getty images. wood is the original and traditional material used for decks. the atlantic city boardwalk -- the first oceanside wood boardwalk in the united states—was made of wood, and, according to some studies, continues to be the top choice for most residential homeowners' deck projects. hardwoods—all woods, really—should be certified by the forest stewardship council. pros: it's the real deal—authentic; has a natural 【Get Price】

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composite decking typically consists of some type of plastic material, such as polyethylene and/or polyvinyl chloride, and wood particles. the plastic may be from recycled products, like milk jugs and soda bottles, or it might be made of virgin plastic. boards might be hollow or solid. hollow boards are cheaper than solid boards and don't tend to expand and contract as often as solid boards do; however, when they do shift, they tend to do so in only one area. additionally, hollow boards 【Get Price】

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28 mar 2019 composite decks. gaining in popularity are composite decking materials, composed primarily of a mix of recycled plastic and wood fibers. while a deck built with these materials is clearly not "natural" and won't have the potential beauty of a real-wood deck, you can choose from an array of colors to mimic a more natural look. further, advancements in this type of decking have made its look-and-feel downright attractive, by many accounts. the strongest argument for 【Get Price】