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damage the tongue or groove of the sound board next to it. once you have the first board out, use a cat's paw or pry bar to take out any other damaged pieces. before putting down the replacement flooring, look carefully at the wood frame underneath. the flooring is nailed to boards called “joists” . to have . 【Get Price】

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step 7: with the cleats in place, set the new floorboards into the opening, one by one, with their ends resting on the cleats along the joists. set the first board in tongue first, and insert each board to lock its tongue into the groove of the previous board. nail each end of each board to the cleat with two or three 16d finishing . 【Get Price】

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squeeze a bead of polyurethane construction adhesive on all the exposed joists, then place the groove of a replacement board over the tongue of an old deck board and press the new piece into the adhesive. toenail a stainless-steel ring-shark siding nail through the tongue of the new board and into . 【Get Price】

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dear tim: i need to repair some rotten porch flooring boards. these are tongue and groove and interlock with one another. how in the world do i remove the boards that are in the middle of the floor without ruining the ones next to it? what can i do to treat the new lumber so it does not rot in the future? the existing floor is . 【Get Price】

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watch this video to find out how to remove a rotten wood porch floor, and replace it with pressure treated pine floor joists and tongue and groove flooring.. use a rubber mallet or a scrap of the flooring as a protective block when tapping the floor boards together. blind-nail the flooring in the tongue using galvanized or . 【Get Price】

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install the remaining pieces until you reach the board that will be next to old flooring. mark the position of each joist on the adjoining board. with a table saw, cut off the bottom part of the groove so that it will sit on top of the tongue of the old flooring.【Get Price】

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11 feb 2011. ted arrived to find a porch with rotten tongue-and-groove decking, disintegrating steps, falling-off balusters, columns compressed into the floor, and a distinct. as a final touch, ted provided ventilation between the rim joists and finish apron by installing thin shims vertically on the exterior side of the joists.【Get Price】

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when you are working with tongue and groove porch flooring, there are things that can go wrong with it.. make sure that the adjustments are made according to how thick your replacement board is.. once you have cut and adjusted the replacement plank, you will run wood glue on the rest of it and press it into place.【Get Price】

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5 apr 2001. to repair the porch similar to the original design, the owner of this old house purchased a large quantity of southern yellow pine tongue-and-groove flooring. some people use pressure treated radius-edged decking for porch repairs on old houses, but that material is anything but authentic.【Get Price】

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replacing damaged or hole-filled tongue-and-groove floorboards takes a couple of hours, sharp tools and an understanding of how to break the interlocking tongue-and-groove board edges. when removing old flooring, create a new butt joint on just the side of the plank that's closest to the hole or where the . 【Get Price】

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laying a tongue-and-groove flooring on a subfloor measure the length of the cut-out opening of the floor. as illustrated in figure 10, use the square to mark this cut line on the new board. place the board in the miter box with the hand saw placed at the 90 . 【Get Price】

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q: i need to replace some rotten tongue and groove porch floorboards that were installed only a few years ago. what can i do to ensure that the new ones won't deteriorate just as quickly? a: the rot organism requires three ingredients in order to reproduce: a food source , warm temperatures, and moisture. because . 【Get Price】

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17 may 2019. a tongue-and-groove router bit is what shapes the interlocking tongue-and-groove joints along the boards edges. in order to repair my porch i needed to use tongue-and-groove lumber. however, i've yet to find any place that sells pressure-treated t&g lumber. the flooring that i was replacing was . 【Get Price】

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the ends of tongue and groove porch floor boards are typically the areas in which deterioration occurs first. source: bob yapp. most historic porches have 3-1 4-inch wide x ¾-inch thick tongue and grooved fir or pine flooring. fir was used most often because it was harvested from old growth trees and therefore was more rot . 【Get Price】

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27 dec 2010. the first step in removing tongue and groove material, whether it is on a floor or a wall, is to find a starting place. basically, this involves destroying one board. if the porch or other floor or the siding is rotted, that may give you a starting point. but you have to remove one whole board first to gain access to . 【Get Price】

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7 jan 2013. if you have an old house with a front porch with a wood floor. you will. you really need to tell people to prime all sides of the wood, including the tongue, groove and especially the underside. otherwise it will just warp and then rot, as happened to us when a local contractor didn't prime the boards..【Get Price】