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bbc gcse bitesize: relative formula mass

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16 oct 2019 this is the definition of formula mass as well as an example showing how to calculate it. relative formula mass is also discussed.【Get Price】

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11 feb 2016 must be accompanied by complete detailed gross floor area calculations. (4) a single story open, but roofed porch facing a front yard or side yard may be excluded from roofed building coverage calculations only if they are less than 275 square feet in total area. refer to page 5 of calculation worksheets for detailed explanation. this allowance is only applicable for residences in the r 5 and r 4 zoning districts. (5) an open porch may be included toward gross floor 【Get Price】

bbc gcse bitesize: calculating relative formula masses

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bbc gcse bitesize: relative formula mass

example 2: find the mr of sodium oxide (na2o). the ar of sodium is 23 and the ar of oxygen is 16. so the mr of sodium oxide is (23 x 2) + 16 = 62. the relative formula mass of a substance, shown in grams, is called one mole of that substance. so one mole of carbon monoxide has a mass of 28 g, and one mole of sodium oxide has a mass of 62 g. the table shows some more examples of relative formula mass calculations, using the relative atomic mass values given at the bottom of 【Get Price】

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floor area ratio, or far, regulates the amount of gross floor area that can be built on a lot. it is a ratio of gross floor area to lot the purpose of far is to regulate above ground mass; that is, the built mass that one can see from the street or a neighboring property. it is one of several i want to enclose a porch. under the far regulations, do i need to do an far calculation? yes, you need to do an far calculation to ensure that by enclosing your porch, you are within allowable far.【Get Price】