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a wooden fence is a great addition to any property for both functional as well as aesthetic reasons. however, without proper maintenance, the wood can rot and decay. learn about repairing your fence and determining when it???s time to completely replace i【Get Price】

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the following guidelines for replacing rotted or broken wood fence posts can be applied to any posts that support either slotted-rail or panel-type fencing. remove the old wood fence post. take the rails out of the rotted wood fence post if it is still standing and set them aside. grab the old wood【Get Price】

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replacing wooden fence post hi, my wooden fence post, that is concreted into the ground, is damaged/rotting at the base. it sways a lot, and isn't going to hold much longer. i've bought the replacement post and concrete mix, but after digging, am not sure if it's 【Get Price】

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scrub wood fences with a fiber scrub brush and a mild detergent solution to remove most stains. loosen and remove the fence puller. 23 remove damaged section remove the damaged section by opening the loop at the top and bottom of a strand just outside 【Get Price】

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i'm trying to come up with a cheap and easy way to remove a broken-off fence post. it's a 4x4 lumber post that's snapped off flush to the ground, without any concrete around it.* i'd 【Get Price】

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we've just pulled down a wood paling fence, but the concrete posts remain because i cannot dig them out. when i tried to remove posts from an old clothesline i found that they were set into about 36" (vertically) of concrete that was about 16-18" in diameter 【Get Price】

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a chain link fence provides security and defines property borders, but it provides neither privacy nor aesthetic beauty to a garden or yard. you must remove the fence, posts and chain link gate before installing a privacy hedge or wood slat fence. these directions will 【Get Price】

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replace a section of split rail fence to remove a rail, first dig out a post. to replace a rail in a split rail fence you have to first dig out a post so you can slip in the new rail. 【Get Price】

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i just had a fence repairman remove two fence posts with concrete footers that had rotted out what should it cost for treated wood for my new fence, 96 feet long and 6 feet high (using your suggestion as to use the existing post hole or new hole)? reply sassy 【Get Price】

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how to remove a fence post set in concrete if the post is broken off at ground level without digging or heavy equipment using the wood post puller removing fence posts set in concrete how to remove fence posts set in concrete if the post is broken off at 【Get Price】

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when did your cedar fence lose its rich, warm glow? who invited that discolored, shabby-looking impostor into the neighborhood? don???t worry???underneath that thin gray skin, the glow still remains. all you have to do is remove the surface layer of aged wood cells to 【Get Price】

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how much does it cost to repair a wood fence? national average change location view national $ 523 typical range $ 294 - $ 783 low end $ 150 high end $ 1,300 【Get Price】

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repairing a fence post - how to remove and replace an old fence post summary: how to repair or replace a fence post. find out how to remove the old fence post and its concrete base and the fit a new fence post in its place. if a repair cannot be done them you 【Get Price】

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= how-to with rich - but now, easily remove broken vinyl fence posts, and the concrete too - then install new post without using 4 bags 【Get Price】

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here's how to fix , repair and replace broken fence posts and poles easily as long as things are thought ahead and you used the fence post socket system befo【Get Price】

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wood fence faq faq index question: can you help.i want to replace an existing stockade fence, the post are 7 feet aparti want to use the existing post holeswhat would be the best way to remove the original post? they were installed with crushed 【Get Price】

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how to remove fence posts. the removal of wooden fence posts normally involves a process that includes loosening the post from the surrounding ground or concrete, then carefully extracting the post in a manner that does not cause the post【Get Price】

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i may have to remove 1 post from my vinyl fence to allow a drill rig access for my geothermal install. all post were set in concrete. a lot of times those vinyl posts have a wood 4x4 inside. the 4x4 is set in concrete and the vinyl post is just dropped down over 【Get Price】

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i need to replace a wooden fence post that was set into concrete. the post has snapped through rot at the base and the rot has set in so far that the post snapped about 2 inches 【Get Price】

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in order to repair decayed fence posts, wood blocks and a temporary brace are used. the new post is bolted to the decayed post, stretching 2 to 3 feet above the ground and using 1/2 inch by 8 inch carriage bolts. illustration by melanie powell【Get Price】