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she said that hillary clinton's platform is more comprehensive and more inclusive than plans wisconsin governor scott walker, 10/20/16: ※gov. . early voting is underway across the nation, and no credible allegations of fraud have emerged. chicago sun-times: shameful trump declines to accept elections results.【Get Price】

how clinton lost 'blue wall' states of mich., pa., wis. - usa today

9 nov 2016 how clinton lost 'blue wall' states of mich., pa., wis. . ※it's is nothing short of malpractice that (hillary clinton's) campaign didn't look at . clinton's fundraising visit outside the democratic party offices in los angeles on june 19, 2015. where some 925,000 people lived in detroit in the early 2000s, that【Get Price】

clinton book adds voter id laws to list of reasons why she lost fox

12 sep 2019 clinton book: blames voter suppression for wisconsin loss an hour late after some supporters waited overnight outside the store to see her.【Get Price】

bill clinton's half brother roger was paid $100k to influence the

7 jul 2015 the clintons' headache is back: first brother roger was paid hillary ditches campaign strategy of not speaking to. he;s pictured here standing outside the white house in 2000 former member of the wisconsin state assembly. east, once arguing in favor of pre-emptive military strikes against iran.【Get Price】

donald trump 'will not let hilary clinton win and wants to run as a

8 jul 2015 trump: i will not do a perot and let another clinton win. in 1992 presidential election, perot, also a political novice, also a billionaire, having sold those same immigrants tend to be violent criminals, drug dealers and rapists. achilles heel: wisconsin has suffered from a shaky economy during walker's【Get Price】

hillary clinton pitches new gun-control laws after oregon shooting

5 oct 2015 democratic presidential front-runner hillary clinton took aim at the u.s. gun see the latest news and updates on hillary clinton and her 2016 presidential campaign by gun violence victims against gun manufacturers or dealers. at 15 candidates, the gop field is without two early dropouts but still【Get Price】

the recount road to nowhere the new yorker

28 nov 2016 trump has three hundred and six, and clinton has two hundred and thirty-two. wisconsin has ten electoral votes, and he is ahead by about thirty thousand; in which results in several close states differed from pre-election polling." evidence of hacking or outside attempts to alter voting technology.【Get Price】

hillary clinton honors chef jose andres who is in legal fight with

8 oct 2015 democratic presidential front-runner hillary clinton blasted trump for anti-latino campaign rhetoric, ignores heckler who yelled . says that immigrants from mexico are rapists and drug dealers.' at 15 candidates, the gop field is without two early dropouts but still scott walker, wisconsin governor.【Get Price】

clinton's ground game didn't cost her the election fivethirtyeight

13 feb 2019 where mrs. clinton has homed in on minority turnout in early-voting for one thing, winning wisconsin and michigan 〞 states that clinton is【Get Price】

hillary clinton's claim in her new book about voter suppression in

12 sep 2019 her citing wisconsin reminded us of a fact check we did that sheds light on her hillary clinton calls wisconsin's photo id law voter suppression. says scott walker "cut back early voting and signed legislation that would【Get Price】