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To whom it may concern,

We would like to cordially invite your debate team to participate in the Second Annual William and Mary Winter Classic, an event organized by the College of William and Mary’s APDA debate team for January 31st, 2015. The tournament will take place at the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia. The William and Mary APDA debate team is proud to support extra-curricular scholarship among high school students and continue the College’s long standing commitment to fostering excellence.

The competition will feature three different divisions of debate. These are Public Forum (PF), Lincoln-Douglas (LD), and Policy debate. We are additionally considering opening a Student Congress division if there is sufficient interest. The Public Forum and Lincoln Douglas divisions will have four preliminary rounds followed by a break to Semi-finals and then Finals. The Policy debate division will have three rounds in a round-robin style with a final round if there is sufficient debater interest. We are expecting competitive debaters from all over the region to attend. This is an excellent opportunity to further high school debate and give students a taste of what collegiate debate may have in store for them.

The registration fee is $45 per school with a $25 charge per LD, Policy, or PF debater and a $15 charge for each Student Congress debater. For teams registered by the early registration deadline of November 2nd, the $45 school charge will be waived. We do not intend to cap the number of teams. Please email any questions about the tournament to WMHStournament@gmail.com. We reserve the right to collapse Novice (Junior Varsity) and Varsity divisions depending on interest level and logistics.

Please note that the exact agenda listed on our website is subject to change as the tournament draws closer. Following your registration we will send out additional information concerning the tournament’s logistics, location, parking, and other particulars.

We look forward to hosting you here at the College of William and Mary, and express our full confidence that we will provide a most memorable event.

Benjamin Marks
William and Mary Debate Team