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garden fencing, deer fences, critter fence kits and do it yourself enclosures with a top. posts, supplies & more with expert advice and fast shipping from ct md and ca. heavy duty to keep deer out, keep animals out and your vegetable garden safe. wholesale and manufacturer direct.【Get Price】

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1 jul 2013. we planted a large orchard, berry patches and a vegetable garden, only to be heartsick to watch deer ravage them over and over. .until we found a solution.【Get Price】

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although deer can jump high and far, their eyes are located on the side of their head, giving them poor depth perception. a 3-dimensional electric fence will not serve as a “deer proof” fence, but can serve as an effective deer deterrent, and may be a less expensive fencing option. one effective design involves erecting 2 . 【Get Price】

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rock spring design group llc · scotts cove. 24k saves 4 questions. keep deer out - some deer can jump nearly 8 feet high, making it quite difficult to keep them out of garden beds using normal fencing. a solid privacy fence is ideal because it blocks the deer's view of your tasty plants — it's not . 【Get Price】

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the second step in creating deer proof gardens is realizing when fencing is in order. the only way to truly keep deer from eating your plants is to fence them out, a task easier said than done. putting up a proper deer fence is an expensive proposition, and when it's finished, it may feel like you've fenced yourself in, instead of . 【Get Price】

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deer-proof-garden-2. see more. from st john's garden · deer proof garden --- like the looks of this one. it might also · chicken coop designschicken coopsgarden fencesgarden landscapingveggie gardensvegetable gardengarden designgardening tipsgarden igloo . 【Get Price】

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14 may 2013. having tried every method i could think of, this is the deer fencing i have been using effectively now for 5 years. it costs about $4.00 per year and takes a. 【Get Price】

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13 feb 2015. by bonnie l. grant. even the occasional deer can wreak havoc on your tender garden plants. they will even girdle trees by stripping the bark from the trunk which can damage the health of the plants. a deer proof garden fence needs to be high enough to prevent the animals from jumping over and visible . 【Get Price】

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deer-proof electric fence. just a bit shocking, this simple fence can keep deer from devouring your vegetables. by paul d. curtis. kitchen gardener issue 28. a single strand of electrified polytape will keep deer out of the garden without harming you or your children. your garden looks beautiful. the beans, lettuce, carrots, . 【Get Price】

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if you're elmer fudd, you thwart carrot thieves by sending an acme pest control robot after bugs bunny. if you're a seasoned gardener, you know that fencing in your tomatoes, peppers, herbs, and other edibles is the way to go. our version fends off two varieties of varmints, with wide, welded-wire mesh panels to keep out . 【Get Price】

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they avoid areas where it looks like they might get trapped. remember that the success of the fence depends on the desperation of the deer — if the local deer population is high and food is scarce, they will try much harder to enter your garden. some great examples of deer-proof fencing designs: innovative deer fence.【Get Price】

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22 mar 2009. even “deerproof” plants had proved deer-resistant at best, and besides, the garden-design limitations such lists impose provide insufferable restriction for someone like me, who can't resist a hot plant. i'm as much an omnivore as the deer; we just couldn't cohabitate peacefully. eaten-hostas the garden's . 【Get Price】

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our deer proof fence is designed to be heavy duty, and has been time tested to last for many years. our high quality deer proof fence will outlast the harshest elements. your deer proof fence from benner's gardens will endure well past the average life of a metal or wood fence, and will require a lot less maintenance.【Get Price】

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find and save ideas about deer fence on pinterest. see more ideas about garden wire fencing, garden ideas to keep deer out and fence garden.【Get Price】

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build a deer-proof fence. expert instructions for building a deer fence around your garden. by lynn wallingford november 26, 2010. when i moved to our property on farm to market road in whitefish, mt, i chose to build a deer-proof fence to last 100 years. though there is a path around the outside liberally sprinkled . 【Get Price】

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into the fence estimate is added posts, hardware, and additional fasteners as well as gates and locking mechanisms. deer are at once beautiful and destructive. where they exist in rural and suburban areas, they can devastate a landscape overnight. while there are so called deer-resistant plants, these will vary by region, . 【Get Price】

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one effective preventative method is to build a deer fence - this forms a physical barrier which prevents the deer from entering your garden and causing damage. fortunately, deer fences . . there aren't really any truly deer-resistant plants, as deer will tend to eat anything if they get hungry enough. however, as a general . 【Get Price】

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how to build a deer fence. the most common effective designs for a deer fence are: tall fence: an 8' high fence is considered pretty much deer-proof and is tall enough to prevent even a frightened deer from jumping it. the fence is even more effective if deer can't see through it. slanted fence: a 6' high fence can be . 【Get Price】

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deer may be able to jump high, but not both high and over a distance. so a fence may not be as high, perhaps six feet, but slanted outward. the deer will try walking under the fence and meet resistance. such a slanted fence should be at a 45-degree angle, and may consist of fencing with a few strands of additional wire on . 【Get Price】

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there are a number of designs for deer-proof fence; angled fence with 8-10 strands of electric wire, double fence, which is essentially a second fence stacked on top of the first fence, and the simple design that. it has been two years since the fence went up and so far no deer in the garden.【Get Price】

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garden fence ideas with creative installation are not difficult to find.. in hollywood& hills, garden designer lauri kranz of edible gardens la conceived a chic enclosure more reminiscent of an apple store than of deer fencing.. deer proof vegetable garden fit for the prince of parsnips - our new vegetable garden.【Get Price】