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available in real wood and faux wood, plantation shutters are a timeless investment for your home. browse interior shutters or speak with a design consultant today! . known for their elegant appearance and impeccable craftsmanship, plantation shutters are 【Get Price】

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if you’re assuming they get their name from the traditionally grandiose southern plantations of the “gone with the wind” era, well, you’re partially right. but only partially. as most architecture buffs know, the majority of homes we associate with “plantation【Get Price】

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2/3/2019· if you’re looking for a classic combination of traditional interior design and effective, functional window coverings, look no further. the plantation shutter is one of the most proven window coverings you’re ever going to find. it provides privacy, protection, great looks, and convenient use【Get Price】

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a window shutter is a solid and stable window covering usually consisting of a frame of vertical stiles and horizontal rails (top, . plantation shutters, typical of warmer climates like florida, south africa, the mediterranean or australia, typically have only two .【Get Price】

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what are plantation shutters? it may sound like a simple question but many people probably couldn't tell you exactly what makes them different from other kinds of shutters. we answer those questions in this blog post.【Get Price】

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return to top popular plantation shutter brands when you go to purchase your plantation shutters, there are three brands that represent the high-, mid-, and low-cost range of what's available. which one you choose depends on your budget and your tastes. hunter .【Get Price】

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budget blinds custom plantation shutters come in styles like real wood, faux wood, including plantation shutters for sliding glass doors. we measure & install! .【Get Price】

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one of my favorite choices for window treatments is the plantation shutter. they are versatile, less expensive than custom draperies, and can increase the value of your home. they are the only window treatment that can be financed into the purchase of your .【Get Price】

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search the most complete window shutters database. find window shutters near you. 100% free service . plantation shutter resource for consumers and dealers our focus is to educate consumers about plantation shutters 【Get Price】

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legendary football coach vince lombardi, used to start out each new season with the team in the locker room where he would pick up the football and say to the team “this is a football.” it was all about getting down to basics. what is a plantation shutter【Get Price】

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in photography, a shutter is a device that allows light to pass for a determined period, exposing photographic film or a light-sensitive electronic sensor to light in order to capture a permanent image of a scene. a shutter can also be used to allow pulses of light to . .【Get Price】

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what is a plantation shutter? plantation shutters first got their name from the old plantations in the south. the louvers used in the south were “wider” than traditional shutters and the shutters were put on the outside 【Get Price】

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22/9/2019· plantation shutters, sometimes called plantation blinds, are interior shutters with wide louvers, usually 3-1/2 to 4-1/2 inches wide. they’re the most popular type of shutter across the country, but particularly in the warmer southern and western states. the larger louvers give the shutters an【Get Price】

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the term plantation shutters usually refers to the size of the louvers or slats of the shutter. traditionally much larger than colonial shutters, the louver sizes range from 2 ½” to 4 ½” in width. another characteristic is the thickness and width of 【Get Price】

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the plantation shutter, inc - providing plantation shutters . our plantation shutter company crafts what is arguably the most eco-friendly window covering on the planet. wood and poly plantation shutters provide more insulation .【Get Price】