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9 feb 2010 muriatic acid is a type of acid that is commonly used to strip paint from brick and concrete. using it to strip varnishes and paint from wood is not recommended because the harsh nature of the acid can eat into the wood, 【Get Price】

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3 jan 2016 why would you spray acid all over the paving when a mild sodium hypochlorite mix will do the job a lot better and without the nasty acid i had the opportunity to use muriatic acid a while back and this stuff is very dangerous.【Get Price】

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6 jan 2015 however, some deck aficionados dislike water blasting because they claim it damages the wood fibres, leaving you with a rough surface you can hire a water blaster for a day for around $65 – see a friend of my mother once mixed janola and harpic to clean her toilet better. harpic contains hydrochloric acid which releases deadly chlorine gas from hypochlorite.【Get Price】

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however, because ti is such a strong acidic solution, it should be an option of last resort when other safer alternatives fail. hydrochloric acid can clean brass, copper, iron, and other metals, but you have to dilute it by adding 9 parts of water to 1 【Get Price】

step two of restoration (mild acid wash to lower ph and brighten

28 aug 2011 this is my deck with step two just completed, after the rinsing wash. for step two, i used restore-a-deck's mild acid mixture, which is gentler than oxalic acid. i just finised the rinse, and the deck looks the best it may well 【Get Price】

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an annual deep-clean will extend the life of a concrete patio, a wood deck, or a stone walkway—and will make your outdoor especially muriatic or hydrochloric acid, may burn concrete or damage its top layer, and they can discolor stone.【Get Price】

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to remove soap scum and hard water deposits from a tile wall in a bathroom, use muriatic acid diluted with water. watch the video in my prior article i did not mention that muriatic acid will dissolve most metal including brass and steel (iron).【Get Price】

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q. years ago, when my family moved into a lovely but somewhat rundown home, my father and i cleaned the oak of course, cabot (who are the makers of valspar), make two products that can help you: "wood cleaner" and "wood 【Get Price】

how to remove stains on decks & porches

these remedies will help remove stains on wooden decks or porches. continue reading below try these cleaning tips for patios with a stone or cement surface. if this doesn't work, apply a 1:1 mixture of muriatic acid and water. be sure to 【Get Price】

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is there a safe cleaner that i can use on my deck that won't harm my plants just clean the deck off with some defy wood brightener and apply a light maintenance coat of the original stain that was used. . skip the muriatic acid though; safer masonry cleaner will do everything that muriatic acid does without the harmful 【Get Price】

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acid washing, also known as acid etching, prepares a concrete surface to accept a sealer. you can also how long will it be until it is safe for my dog to walk on an area that was cleaned with muratic acid muriatic acid will not only eat away at the concrete, it will damage metal, wood and synthetic materials like carpet.【Get Price】

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it can save time, but it can also etch some types of brick and soft stone, damage mortar joints, and splinter wood. most composites can be washed with deck cleaner containing phosphoric, oxalic, or hydrochloric acid, or sodium hypochlorite, i have painted,stained my concrete patio with the best material on the market.【Get Price】

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30 jul 2014 if you want your driveway to look as good as it did when it was new, and your siding to shine, follow these cleaning tips. you can clean vinyl siding the tried-and-true way: rinse siding with a hose, use a long-handled brush to if all else fails, a professional may use muriatic acid to clean driveway stains. our experts gave us 10 tips to keep wood decks looking new year after year.【Get Price】

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13 mar 2019 one of the most common, and simplest, home improvement projects is staining the deck, steps, or wood trim around the home. since it is one of the most here are some great ideas on exactly how you can remove wood stain from your own concrete. ( muriatic acid. also known as hydrochloric acid, muriatic acid is an extremely corrosive material. more cleaning tips.【Get Price】

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most deck-cleaning products will work. for best results, use a cleaner that contains any of the following as an active ingredient for general cleaning and follow the manufacturer's instruction for use: phosphoric acid; oxalic acid; hydrochloric 【Get Price】

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11 feb 2009 muriatic acid is a dangerous chemical that can cause instant skin burns. and its strong vapors require face protection, including a respirator. muriatic acid should be used only outdoors – where there is ample ventilation – and 【Get Price】

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if your customer wants to get the gray out of a wood deck, be careful about pressure washing. here's a look at "if you lean into the pressure washer too hard, it can take a smooth board and make it rough." cleaning another type of cleaner, one made with oxalic acid, is a popular choice for cedar and redwood decks.【Get Price】