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10 apr 2019 plastics, along with the toxic substances and metals they soak up, can enter the bodies of marine animals (e.g. zooplankton) upon consumption. it is thought that these contaminants can . new position paper by the european marine board presents with our coasts and ocean changing sea change third party ahhaa held a youth camp for teenagers from estonia, germany and argentina in tartu, estonia from 22 - 24 march 2019. the course brought together 1.【Get Price】

sources of microplastics relevant to marine protection in germany

sources of microplastics relevant to marine protection in germany. 3. executive summary. scientific studies have shown that the litter found in oceans and inland waters is dominated by plastics. besides large items such as plastic bottles and bags, the occurrence of microplastics has also been market in germany and the european union, conduct research into further areas of application .. the coastal and marine environment (european parliament & council 2008). several 【Get Price】

science year: seas and oceans british council

the united kingdom is germany's partner country in the year of science 2016-17, which will provide the public with fascinating insights into our seas and oceans. our impacts on the marine environment, combined with climate change, threaten our oceans and seas. we are already seeing the plastic pirates is a citizen science project for 10- to 16-year-olds who are invited to study the presence and spread of plastic waste in and around german rivers and coastal areas. blue fish 【Get Price】

un declares war on ocean plastic

23 feb 2019 un environment launches major global #cleanseas campaign to end marine litter; ten countries are already on board, as well as dell computers, singer jack johnson, actor adrian grenier and media personality nadya hutagalung; more than 8 million tonnes of plastic leaks into the ocean each year – equal to dumping a garbage truck of plastic every minute. the world's largest beach clean-up in history on versova beach in mumbai, india. 23 february 2019 – un 【Get Price】

germany - marine litter solutions

germany. "plastics litter in any environment is unacceptable". marine litter is one of the largest emerging environmental challenges and needs to be tackled at global, regional and national level. the plastic associations in europe are increasingly engaged in protecting the marine environment and encouraging stakeholders from industrial, political, scientific, non-governmental and social spheres to act together to preserve the oceans and coastal areas. with this in mind, we want to 【Get Price】

german marine research consortium

members. institutions of different fields in marine research founded the german marine research consortium (kdm) on march 16th, 2004. view all members. research vessels. fs clupea, thünen-institute. clupea. the clupea, which began service in 2012, is the newest, and with a length of 28.80 m, the smallest, german fisheries research vessel · view all research vessels. strategy groups. strategy groups. kdm strategy goups are dedicated to overarching marine scientific 【Get Price】

plastics europe

a large german automobile manufacturer is using recycled pet bottles for seat cushions in some of their car product series. see all. a new polymer can heal itself when damaged the plastics industry launched over 260 projects worldwide for solutions on marine litter. see all. researchers at texas a&m university researchers recently modified an elastomer used to make tires so it can self heal. ? american chemistry council, inc. see all. nowadays there are wearable plastics 【Get Price】

ocean plastics lab: homepage

the ocean plastics lab is a travelling exhibition on marine pollution with plastics. the exhibition is initiated by the german federal ministry of education and research.【Get Price】

eu wants plastic out of marine stomachs europe| news and current

5 nov 2013 marine biologists are finding more plastic particles in the stomachs of dead birds and fish. the eu plans to help by reducing "the problem so big that we can't even measure it," said benjamin bongardt, an expert in waste at the nature and biodiversity conservation union germany (nabu). no one can say how much the draft of eu commissioner potocnik needs to be approved by eu parliament and the council of the european union. on the one hand, a ban is 【Get Price】

federal government alliance to reduce marine litter

1 jun 2019 the g20 states have undertaken to reduce the amount of waste in the world's rivers and wastewater, and thus reduce the level of waste in our oceans. meeting in bremen the g20 states have adopted an action plan to address the problem of marine litter.【Get Price】

marine distributors trudesign

distributors. locate a local trudesign marine distributor. united arab emirates. united arab emirates. exalto emirates. marine equipment. 00a978ee61945b3b422dbca01a40e266 grid. australia. australia. sam allen wholesale. marine, outdoor leisure & industrial accessories. 59b14fb64c3899ed65a5c86db4025656 grid · australia. bla. boating lifestyle adventure. 6b7ee3aaf2301e9ea9529b9f2dc47f36 grid. brazil. brazil. equinautic nautical equipment. equinautic 【Get Price】

green alliance (press release) government has cut marine plastic

4 aug 2019 government has cut marine plastic pollution by 2 per cent, but it could stop two thirds plastic marine litter from the uk could be reduced by nearly two thirds with five simple actions, reveals a new analysis by think tank green alliance. one deposit return schemes are already widely implemented abroad and have been very successful (nearly 100% of plastics bottles are returned for recycling in germany); they also provide access to more high quality plastics for 【Get Price】

results €7.5 million call on microplastics published jpi oceans

27 aug 2015 results €7.5 million call on microplastics published. four research projects investigating the impact of plastic particles on the marine environment are selected for funding from ten member countries of the jpi oceans. funding for the research projects was awarded through a competitive call process, organised by project management jülich (ptj) in germany, in which 21 joint proposals requested more than €26 million. based on the evaluations by an expert panel, 【Get Price】

sea change project

sea change is an eu h2020 funded project that aims to establish a fundamental “sea change” in the way european citizens view their relationship with the sea, by empowering them, as ocean literate citizens, to take direct and sustainable action towards a healthy ocean and seas, healthy communities and ultimately a healthy planet.【Get Price】

germany - labeling and marking requirements

29 sep 2019 the “steering wheel” mark shown above is the equivalent of ce marking for marine equipment. it applies to equipment for use on board any new eu ship, wherever the ship is situated at the time of construction, and to equipment placed on board existing eu ships, whether for the first time or to replace equipment already carried on board. it does not apply to equipment already on board on the date on which the directive entered into force in 1997. the directive applies 【Get Price】

microplastics in oceans – how much? from where

29 sep 2015 some of the measures of these action plans are already being implemented, for example the fishing-for-litter initiative in which fishing boats are designed to be able to store litter collected from the sea on board and then dispose of it free of charge and appropriately in harbours. all of germany's coastal states now support and participate in the project. plastics are becoming an increasing threat to marine ecosystems. plastics represent the lion's share of the litter 【Get Price】