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tile , marble and wood each of them have their own distinct advantages and disadvantages, and, of course, it always depends on the use of them. marble: marble flooring is considered very stylish. polished finish ,hone finish and sand or abrasive f【Get Price】

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5 feb 2012 comparison of flooring vs. tile flooring for kitchens in westchester ny pros and cons and costs. advantages of flooring for a kitchen: 1. floors are easier on your feet. this is especially important if you spend a lot of time in the so, you don't need to worry about water spilling at the table or extra water by the sink or if one of your appliances has a major issue or just leaks a bit. you also don't need to worry about who's cleaning it 【Get Price】

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granite vs. quartz countertops countertop guides consumer buying guides to bathroom and kitchen countertops. than engineered stone. both have a lifespan of 25 50 years depending on the level of care they are given and how they are used. in the area of durability, engineered stone – quartz – has the advantage over granite. they choose solid wood flooring instead of laminate or engineered wood. they prefer wool areas rugs to nylon. their home's siding is wood, not 【Get Price】

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carpeting refers to wall to wall coverage, whereas a rug is simply used to cover a space. this type of flooring is typically used indoors and can be used in both high and low traffic areas. it typically lasts for 15 18 years before it needs to be replaced. the quality of a carpet is usually measured in face weight, or how many fibers there are per square inch. the higher the face weight the more plush a carpet will feel. carpets come in a variety of materials including wool, nylon, olefin and 【Get Price】

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4 apr 2019 it may not match slate or granite for durability, but it is still strong, powerful, and can last for decades if properly cared for. at the same time, it lends that inherent mountainous power to any space in which it is used. unique pieces: because sandstone is formed from nature itself the colors, patterns, and hues found in any individual piece are completely unique and different. when sandstone is quarried it comes out in giant slabs which are processed and refined down 【Get Price】

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11 feb 2019 what are the advantages and disadvantages of floors vs tile planks that look like wood? comparison of now, i do want to preface this by explaining that there are 2 main structures for flooring – solid and engineered hardwood. (you can in general, if you are choosing between engineered wood (on concrete slab) vs tile (on a concrete slab), i would generally recommend tile over engineered wood, if all other things are equal. but if you are 【Get Price】

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23 jan 2012 so we kept the existing tile floors and went with wood counters on our island and soapstone just on the counter around our stove. q. who made the wood counter and what kind of wood is it? the wood counters were custom made for us on site by our remodeling contractor with wood my husband selected from a lumber place near our home in portland, oregon. they were thick slabs of brazilian cherry (i can't remember how thick, maybe an inch and a half or two 【Get Price】

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22 dec 2014 materials commonly called flooring include wood flooring, laminated wood, ceramic tile, stone, terrazzo, and various seamless chemical floor coatings. vinyl flooring benefits one of the main benefits of vinyl flooring is that it is easy to install and cost effective and durable as well. tiles are most often made from ceramic with a hard glaze finish , but other materials are also commonly used, such as glass ,marble, granite ,slate and reformed ceramic slurry.【Get Price】

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the main advantage to thick solid flooring is potential centuries of wear. some wood floors have survived over a hundred yearsand some hundred year old woods have been pulled from old installations, re milled, and recycled into new wood flooring. yes, they are that durable. .. wood subfloors are often installed over concrete slabs on the ground floor, so perform the same moisture test to be sure the subfloor is suitable for wood installation. test the floor for squeaks 【Get Price】

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the advantages and disadvantages of granite tile flooring. pros: granite flooring is widely valued, durable and easy to clean. granite is also a natural product, and its manufacturing doesn't involve unhealthy chemicals. cons: granite hasn't the warmth of the wood and other flooring materials and is expensive to buy and to install; softer granite stone is more damageable than porcelain and other well chosen tile flooring, and should be properly sealed to become water and 【Get Price】

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7 jul 2019 cover the wood pieces ends with the towels. use them to put back slab against shower pan floor. brace side walls against one another. keep braces like this for a minimum of 24 hours. follow the manufacturer's instructions in of any doubt. after these are done, remove braces. apply the silicone caulking to inside corners. fill gaps between slabs. do silicone areas where slabs meet shower pan. the caulking must be dry for a minimum of 72 hours prior to using 【Get Price】

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wooden floors may look beautiful, but they can be very cold in the warmer months of the year as well as during winter. they are also very susceptible to drafts. an efficient and cheap insulation can make the floor more comfortable, and keep heating bills down. the insulation can also act as a vapor barrier that protects the wood from moisture damage, and make the home quieter.【Get Price】

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granite is a natural stone – an igneous rock that has acquired its name due to the graining structure. the main composition of granite is quartz, mica, feldspar and amphibole minerals. granite rocks are generally seen in gray, pink and white in colour. after the rocks are quarried they are cut into slabs and polished. generally, granite slabs are found in 10 15 feet length and 5 8 feet width with a thickness of 10 25 mm. they are also cut into specific dimensions if required. granite is quite 【Get Price】

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demar proudly serves the trade professional, offering a superior flooring product selection in our showroom. brands we carry for your home or office. we carry carpeting, ceramic/porcelain, slab fabrication, decorative surfaces, flooring accessories, installation materials, laminate flooring, mats/runners, natural stone floors, specialty floors, treatment/finishes, vinyl/resilient and wood flooring. hollytex also features the best main street offering in the industry. the infinium 【Get Price】

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exceptional beauty. the main thing that people really want granite for, though, is its beauty. floors that are made of granite bring a sense of elegance and a touch of class to any room. the stylish look of natural stone is enhanced by granite, which can come in either highly polished, glossy looks, or more muted and textured surfaces for those who want to go a bit more rustic. granite has excellent versatility, and can fit with nearly any interior decoration color scheme, as no two slabs of 【Get Price】