what is the thickness of roof decking on a mobile home

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this rubber-based white roof coating comes in 5-gallon buckets you can pick up from lowes hardware or order directly from the kool seal website.. in the same aisle at where you find the kool seal you will also find a another 5 gallon bucket of thicker spreadable tar or synthetic liquid-like rubber material to fill . 【Get Price】

how thick should a roof be? hunker

16 nov 2011. the roof of the house must be structurally sound to support the weight of the shingles. the roof's main job, however, is to protect the interior of the house and personal belongings from the outside elements. how thick a roof is depends mostly on the size of the rafters used in the roof construction, but there . 【Get Price】

what makes a clayton manufactured home roof? clayton

16 oct 2019. then it's covered with osb roof decking, a waterproof barrier and your roof covering, which is most commonly fiberglass shingles. manufactured home roof insulation. the osb roof decking is 7 16” thick unless you live in a heavy snow load area. if so, the decking will vary in thickness to ensure it meets . 【Get Price】

how to do sheathing on a mobile home

sheathing a mobile home is the same process as sheathing a regular home. all that sheathing is is a exterior insulation or vapor barrier that is used to increase the energy efficiency of a home. you install sheathing using the same process for installing dry walling and these principles can be used just as easily in a mobile . 【Get Price】

mobile home roof question - internachi inspection

ran across a composition roof nailed through the metal roof of a 1975 mobile, seemed ok but not sure what to include in the report, has anyone else seen this. looks like a regular comp roof until you walk on it and at first it seems like bad sheathing until you peek under the edge of the roof and see that the . 【Get Price】

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mobile homes manufactured in 1976 or later were built to much higher standards required by the hud (us government dept. of housing and urban . . roofing. a layer of rockwool insulation is blown in on top of the ceiling. then, if the house is getting a shingle roof, plywood or osb decking is is nailed over the trusses.【Get Price】

how can i tell if a mobile home is well

2 jan 2013. 6)roofing - lower-priced homes have lightweight, economy grade shingles, which are a little difficult to tell from regular 3-tab shingles unless you see them both side-by-side. but roofing of what is called “dimensional” or “architectural” shingles is easy to spot, based on the extra thickness at the . 【Get Price】

plywood vs. osb: which is better? parr lumber

3 oct 2013. my personal opinion is that osb performs well on the wall and floor but stick to cdx plywood on the roof.. plywood long ago lost its market leadership to oriented strand board , which is now the most-used sheathing and subflooring material.. that's a savings of several hundred dollars per home.【Get Price】

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in 1994, hud updated the standards to provide for greater protection for mobile manufactured homes from wind damage. during the severe hurricane seasons. roof sheathing - 7 16 inch thick rated sheathing fastened every 4 or 6 inches on center, depending on where it is located on the roof. shingle underlayment - lap . 【Get Price】

is 1 2" plywood standard and appropriate for a roof

25 jul 2016. if you mix thicknesses of plywood it will cause a problem eventually, and the thicker sheathing will be noticeable . and this will reduce the life of the shingles, tar paper, and roof. 3 8" should be replaced but it would be better to use all the same thickness sheathing than . 【Get Price】

cooley c3 mobile home roofing membrane dupont

"for one thing, the galvanized steel roofing on most mobile homes requires a new coating application every year or two. using our system, this cost is eliminated." compared with metal roofs, an insulated, single-ply roof-over is quieter, too. a single-ply, mechanically attached cooley c3 system . 【Get Price】

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14 jun 2019. there is no reason to use 3 4' cdx. do you need plywood under metal roofing? plywood thickness for 24' oc rafters jlc online forums. roof sheathing doityourself community forums. plywood for new roof gardenweb. 1 2 ply on 24' on center? doityourself community forums . 【Get Price】

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with the panel thickness used in the u.s. model building codes. • wall panels 7 16 category may be used on studs spaced up to 24” o.c.. • 3 8 category osb sheathing panels are available that carry. apa series mobile home roof sheathing rating n-216r. • lp osb panels sold in canada are also manufactured in con-.【Get Price】

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a metal roof has a cool reflective surface, which reflects solar heat back into the atmosphere, rather than absorbing it inside a home or a building. 53. copper and zinc are the least energy efficient types of metal roofing. due to darker colors and thicker gauge of metal, they absorb and store more heat compared to aluminum . 【Get Price】

roof deck materials to ensure a stable roof surface

4 oct 2016. providing a solid roof starts at the base: a roof deck suitable for the nailing and installation of shingles. the type, grade, thickness and installation of materials used for roof decks should conform to the requirements of the relevant local building codes of practice and regulations. the roof deck should be a . 【Get Price】

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2 jul 2019. if you are considering buying metal roofing for your home, it's important to weigh the pros and cons of metal against other more common roof. though the material itself is low in insulation r-value, many systems utilize a dead-air space between the metal and roof deck to increase energy efficiency.【Get Price】

mobile home roof over re: building peaked roof on

mobile home roof over re: building peaked roof on mobile home.. perfect for repairing and restoring roofs of residential and commercial buildings, mobile homes & rvs. bonds to a wide . . the answer was a roof-over, which is a conventionally built, wood frame-and-sheathing cap atop a structure's existing roof.【Get Price】

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combination floors , wall and roof sheathing. besides the very important function of supporting, resisting and transferring loads to the main force resisting elements of the building . . for floors designed specifically for manufactured home . . panels 1 2-inch thick and thicker are manufactured.【Get Price】

mastering roof inspections: asphalt composition

roof decks of modern homes are typically either laminated panels, such as plywood which are called laminated because they're constructed of different layers, as you can see here . or a non-laminated panel, such as this osb. either one is acceptable. sheathing thickness. the typical thickness of roof sheathing is . 【Get Price】