build second story deck sims 3

mod the sims second story indoor balconies/roof issues?

so i've been busy building away, and every time i get to a point where i'm trying to build an indoor balcony, such as an upstairs halway where you can see the downstairs room type deal, i can figure out how to get the floor to go i always build the space as a room, add the roof (if the space us using a different roof section from the main house), then delete the wall to make a loft. plasticbox. pettifogging legalist! staff: retired moderator. #3 old 22nd oct 2014 at 3:31 am.【Get Price】

game guide:how to build a rooftop or balcony garden the sims wiki

it is possible to create a rooftop garden if you have a balcony in the sims 3. if you follow【Get Price】

the sims 4: building a home exterior & balcony youtube

4 sep 2014 getting the exterior, including balcony and roof, setup for a home in the sims 4 build mode. watch live at【Get Price】

the sims freeplay adding balconies the girl who games

7 nov 2015 once you complete the lovey dovey balcony quest you can build balconies on houses that have more than one floor, this post explains how to add a balcony and all the ways you can customise it! note: you will not be the second tab is support posts, you don't need to add them but you may want to, these are placed underneath the balcony (if you have two balconies one above the other you can add support posts to the balcony below) image. 3.balcony paving.【Get Price】

sims 3 101 realistic porch roofing youtube

14 jan 2013 a little tutorial i promised to make a while ago and i've finally gotten around to it. this will show you some interesting little tricks you can do with roofs!【Get Price】

the sims 4: adding a second level in build mode youtube

3 sep 2014 i go through adding a second level to my existing home in build mode, and lament the lack of spiral stairs and elevators. watch live at http://www.twitch.【Get Price】

how to make a foundation on the roof sims3 (works on sims2

3 jul 2009 watch with annotations on*** many people asked me how i made the foundation on the roof on my first sims3 house, so yea, i made a tutorial :) the song was【Get Price】

the sims 3 tutorials: multi floor homes and basements

the sims 3 building tutorials: making homes with multiple stories and basements. by norma blackburn building multi story homes. building multi floor homes in the sims 3 is not that difficult, in fact it can be really simple. let's look at a few ways to give our sims a little bit more living space without them losing any of their back yard. how far up and down can we go? would you really have the stairs coming up into a main bedroom when there are other rooms upstairs? personally 【Get Price】

creating a balcony the sims 4 tutorial youtube

16 may 2015 in this video i will show you how to add a balcony to your sims 4 lot using a simple easy to follow technique. if you liked this video in my game, i added an outside door on the second floor where i wanted the balcony, and then when i tried to place the floor tiles nothing would work. i put down the columns, i placed the railing, but the floor tiles just wouldn't place. this was a perfectly viable way of building a balcony in sims3, but i guess not in 4. i got myself so wound 【Get Price】

mod the sims issue with second story floor tiles

this is probably a really stupid question, but for the life me, i can't seem to place any second story floor tile! is there when you build a room it should automatically have a ceiling (which would be the second floor floor) .. do you have no ceiling or can you not use the flooring tool to apply say carpet or tile on that? so, you have to use the room tool rather than just using the wall tool to create new rooms (as in ts2) in order to place flooring on the second floor? also 【Get Price】

mod the sims how to build a swimming pool upstairs

does anyone know how to build a swimming pool upstairs like on a roof? i am at the moment building a cruise ship (was inspired by watching titanic last night) and want to put a swimming pool on the back of one of the upper decks like real cruise ships have. anyone got any ideas how to do this? type 3 (still with default pool walls, mostly bound to the ground, with "moveobjects on/off" & "boolprop constrainfloorelevation false/true" cheats) (incompitent8 maxis) 1.【Get Price】

sims 3: building a house with a front porch youtube

16 may 2013 this is the first house that i built that has a porch like this. i am trying to build better homes. i was trying to build a balcony but couldn't figure out how to build it. i hope the next house i build will have a balcony. this house is a 3 bedrom, 1 bathroom, dinning room, living room, kitchen, it has a playground, tree house. download the house here /assetdetail.h.【Get Price】

build mode the sims 3 guide super cheats

the sims 3 build mode the sims 3 guide. the sims 3 guide. build mode. for some, the build and buy modes of the sims are their favourite feature. building, decorating and furnishing the house of your dreams may take precedence over practicality and appeal for your family of sims. . if you are having problems placing the stairs, ensure both the upstairs and downstairs floors have been laid i.e. carpet them both before trying to put the stairs in, as this can cause problems.【Get Price】

friezes the sims 3 wiki guide ign

7 apr 2012 now, we go to build mode, select the foundation tool, and we make a quick 6x9 section in the middle of everything. that gives us this now i wall in the whole thing with the wall tool okay, now i want to make a frieze, so i press page up to select the floor at the top of the wall. however, if i select the foundation tool and try to place it now, the game yells at me that i can only put a foundation on the ground so, i bring up the console (with ctrl + shift + c) and type in 【Get Price】

balcony mini tiptorial sims 3 youtube

2 oct 2009 i made a balcony on the second story using split level on the second story method. sims 3. it's very laggy, i just realized the i had my laptop on power save【Get Price】

sims 3 101 split levels on second storey youtube

5 mar 2012 by enabling the cheat you can have the exact same affect shown in this video by just merely plopping a foundation on the second floor. and i built the second floor of my house with the split level technique to make a modern looking, "thick", balcony , not functional but just to look nice, on the exterior but i can't get stairs going from the first floor up to the second. i have no idea if you're gonna see this, but can you make a tutorial of how to make a loft in sims 3? ?.【Get Price】

how to make a second level the main level (sims3).avi youtube

10 apr 2010 i made a massive build and i could only put the floor on the second story and roof in if i made smaller rooms underneath about as small as your houe?. read more. show less. reply 1. alex l4 years ago. if there is gaps then put tiles to replace the gaps i am pretty sure it will work :3?. read more. show less. reply 1. christopher james wright4 years ago. how can u make a upstairs for ps3 its hard i tried doing the deck but it didn't work?. read more. show less. reply 1.【Get Price】