can you add a deck to existing concrete porch

patio: rip out the existing 12x10 cement slab

18 feb 2015. it is barely enough room for a 6 person table and it's an ugly, plain old slab of cement. i want to make it pretty out there. i'm envisioning pavers, a rounded wall for seating, chairs around a space for a firepit, an area for the grill, table, landscaping, etc. my husband thinks we can leave the 12x10 slab and put . 【Get Price】

how to extend a concrete patio slab

adding additional space to your concrete patio becomes a necessity if you need more room to entertain or relax. extending the patio is relatively easy, and it will add the extra area you desire. of course, you will require additional manpower if you want to pour large amounts of concrete, but if the extension is minor, you can . 【Get Price】

how much will that patio or deck cost?

30 jun 2014. home improvement chain stores sell the patio pavers for around a buck and upward. if you need, say, 800 inexpensive patio pavers for a 200-square-foot patio, that will generally equate to the price of a concrete patio. not too bad, until you factor in the price of hiring someone to put them in the ground and . 【Get Price】

concrete patio cover-up - lowe's

consider this less jarring alternative: lay pavers over the existing concrete. they will hide a multitude of flaws and give your space a fresh look. before starting this project, take careful measurements to be sure that adding pavers will not block your door threshold. the time and cost estimates are for the 200-square-foot patio . 【Get Price】

how to extend an existing deck

however, the good news is that if the original deck is structurally sound, you could consider simply extending the existing deck. make no. many people like to add new levels to the deck, connected by stairs.. the new level also doesn't have to be separated by a whole flight of stairs -- one or two steps will be enough.【Get Price】

porch extensions done right

22 aug 2012. why opting for total demolition or adding wood deck isn't recommended.. finally, can brick veneer or some sort of tiled stone be laid over the concrete porch, steps and pathway to improve the appearance? the porch is. essentially you would be removing the old and starting with a clean slate. covering . 【Get Price】

decks. building a deck over concrete

a concrete stoop and steps can be a formidable obstacle when trying to build a deck. a massive concrete stoop will be difficult to remove. most of the time you will need to break the concrete apart using a sledge hammer or jack hammer and haul the debris away. some builders choose to build over the stoop instead.【Get Price】

how to pour a concrete patio -

if you're planning on having something extremely heavy such as a brick barbecue on your patio, your first step will be to pour a concrete foundation for added stability.. if pouring concrete next to a house, other slab of concrete, or other structure, place an isolation joint between the concrete and the existing surface.【Get Price】

how to extend an existing deck, expand an old

how to extend an existing deck, expand an old deck, make a deck bigger by adding more posts and joists.. framing deck box steps with an inside corner and angled ends. . . this video shows you how to build the base of a deck foundation or concrete deck footing, using quikrete® quik-tube building forms.【Get Price】

diy steps for building a deck over a patio

28 mar 2007. how to build a deck over an existing patio slab with low clearance.. i tried to explain to my uncle that he didn't have enough elevation at the door to build a deck over his patio. even if we. for example, you can drill into the concrete with a masonry bit and drive in anchors or use expanding anchor bolts.【Get Price】

building a wooden deck over a concrete one: 6

replacing the concrete deck with wood could have been done in one of two ways: completely demolish the concrete porch and build a 100% wooden one in its place, or use . . in our we just had an old wood skirt that had been attached to the concrete sides with some bolts, and a simple railing attached to that skirt.【Get Price】

how to deck over a concrete stoop this old

install plugs into the counterbored holes using hot-melt glue; trim the plugs flush with a sharp chisel. 9. attach the wood-composite decking to the top of the concrete stoop using the same masonry anchors. 10. conceal each anchor in decking with a plug cut from a composite decking board. 11. sweep decking clean of all . 【Get Price】

building a wood deck over a concrete slab -

18 nov 2014. building a wood deck over a concrete slab general questions.. in either case, make sure you can easily replace deck pieces when necessary.. my deck was over 1000 sf, wrapped around the corner of the house, dovetailed into an existing raised porch, went over an old concrete porch with swoopy curls . 【Get Price】

how to build a deck over ugly cement stoop

25 jul 2016. if like us, you have an old concrete stoop that has more than seen better days, rather than going through the hassle of tearing it out, why not give it a facelift? from concrete stains and epoxy coatings to a variety of enclosures, there are several ways to go about this. we chose a composite decking surround . 【Get Price】