which is better deck paint or stain

oil or acrylic? choose the right deck paint and wood stains

15 jan 2016 need to refinish your deck but can't remember what product you used? here's how to figure out if your deck has oil-based wood stain or a water-based deck paint.【Get Price】

semi-transparent vs solid color exterior wood stain doityourself

whether you are looking to stain a large area, such as a decking or board area, or you want to color a few wooden plant pots, there is a suitable you would be better to paint your furniture with a gloss and then add a finish over the top.【Get Price】

semi transparent deck stain vs transparent - doityourself.com

if you have a wooden deck that needs to be stained regularly, you might consider a semi transparent deck stain which on the deck space, where attention to blending in corners and other areas will make a stained deck look a lot better.【Get Price】

painting vs. staining a deck: choose the right choice

12 jun 2014 a paint job on your wood deck will last longer than staining, up to 10 years if you prep correctly and use a high-quality and the number of paint colors you have to choose from will be far greater than that of stain, allowing you to more easily this type of product offers better penetration and lasts longer.【Get Price】

decks latex or oil stain - the spruce

10 jan 2019 which exterior stain to use for your deck, siding, or fence: the more difficult oil-based stain or the relatively just like latex paint, latex water-based stains do soak into the grain, but not very far. even though the opaque pigments make for a less transparent stain, this also means that the wood is better 【Get Price】

decking 101: stain vs. paint vs. seal - wood. it's real. wood. it's

30 jul 2015 beach house which is better? stain, seal, or paint? (freeimages.com/melissa dixon). the answer is simple: it's personal preference. if your deck is made out of southern yellow pine (syp), then you're already in a great spot.【Get Price】

dont paint your deck, let me show you why, by power washing

27 may 2009 dont paint your deck, let me show you why, by power washing dragon and painting, pdp. anderson since paint is not breathable like stain, saturated wood easily results in the paint lifting, bubbling, possibly even coming off in sheets to the point of total failure. is it better to stain or paint my wood deck?【Get Price】

benefits of using stain vs. paint on decks and fences angie's list

7 apr 2015 lucinda peters, owner of deck renewal of maryland in ellicott city, says it's better to paint or stain wood rather than leave it bare to protect it from nature. ※the wood is exposed to weather 〞 rain, sun, snow, dirt 〞 they can all 【Get Price】

is it better to stain or paint my wood deck? - youtube

12 aug 2014 when it comes to your home's deck, a little neglect goes a long way. if the stain on your deck is fading or worn, you may be debating whether to stain it again or just paint over it. read these tips first (http://goo.gl/gnlnlz) to 【Get Price】

should i paint or stain my deck? angie's list

24 apr 2013 dear angie: our deck has been previously stained, but it has worn off. the deck is not covered, so i want something durable. would i be better off staining it again or painting it? 每 m.s., sour lake, texas. dear m.s.: 【Get Price】

deck paint versus stain - old house restoration, products

22 jun 2016 paint (latex deck enamel) is used on floorboards of porch and pavilion at the ticineto-chase house. premier finish for siding and many millwork components, a porch floor, even protected, is often better stained than painted.【Get Price】

deck stain application tips doityourself.com

brushing or rolling a stain onto a deck are effective ways of applying a finish to the wood. while they're different lots of homeowners are looking at spraying deck stain as a way to get a better finished look. one drawback to this type of 【Get Price】

whether to paint or stain a wood deck? today's homeowner

25 may 2014 find out whether or not it's best to paint or stain a wood deck, and how to go about cleaning and preparing the surface before finishing. hides defects and weathered wood better than clear sealers. doesn't tend to peel like 【Get Price】

deck paint vs. stain hunker

17 sep 2009 however, many people have a tough time choosing between deck paint and stain. once you begin to your mind. so, before you begin applying either paint or stain to your deck, you'd better know the pros and cons of each.【Get Price】

painting or staining a wooden deck fix.com

6 aug 2015 learn some tips for painting, staining, and maintaining a wooden deck. before doing either preparing your deck for paint or stain generally speaking, paint resists rot, mold, and sun damage better than other options.【Get Price】

why acrylic coatings are the best options for decks paint quality

read on to learn why 100% acrylic coatings perform so much better than oil-based products. is applying another coat of stain, think about using a longer-lasting 100% acrylic coating when your wood deck starts sending out distress signals.【Get Price】

planning to stain or paint a deck - tips from sherwin-williams

planning to stain or paint a deck is easy when you follow these simple steps. help protect or restore your deck using use stain & sealer remover on all exterior wood that has been previously treated or stained. always follow up with an 【Get Price】

deck renovation: should i stain or oil my deck? 〞 homely

29 mar 2016 visual appeal is the main benefit of building a deck with timber rather than composite material. although composite a stain will improve the appearance of the deck, but oil will better help preserve its condition. i think oil is 【Get Price】

paint or stain: which is right for your deck? - popular mechanics

18 may 2013 stain your deck the wood's natural beauty shows through, but you might have to redo the job soon. water-based latex paints are more flexible than oil-based paints and can withstand the wood's moisture fluctuations better.【Get Price】

should you paint or stain your deck? - shoreline painting

28 sep 2016 is it better to paint or stain a deck? a common question facing many homeowners is whether they should paint or stain their deck when it's in need of attention 〞 and unfortunately, it doesn't come with a simple answer.【Get Price】